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Marie's Fancy Multi Color Crystal Peacock Bracelet

Item No. B0101

Sale price: $69.95
Item currently out of stock

Animal jewelry has been given a luxurious and high fashion feel with our Marie's peacock bracelet. It has a multi color look, which is exactly how a fabulous peacock should look. If you aren't amazed by the picture of the bracelet, you definitely will be when you see it in person. This fancy jewelry design is made up of a silver tone finish that is accented by high quality crystal stones. In this one item you have red, aqua, sea green, pink, clear, purple and yellow hues. All of the stones are made up of different shapes and sizes that look so artistic when put together. The entire combination is breathtaking. It is a hinge bangle which means that it goes on and off easily. This animal bracelet is definitely a conversation starter. Whenever you slip it on and wear it out, everyone will want to know where you got this fabulous bracelet from. Snag it for yourself today.

  • Brass Base Metal
  • Silver Tone Finish
  • 7 Inch Hinged Bangle
  • High Quality Crystal Stones
  • Multi Color Stones
  • Round Shape, Teardrop Shape, Oval Shape
  • Faceted Cut, Smooth Polish
  • Inlaid Setting

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