Gemstone Cut Shapes

Round Cut
The round cut is considered the most classic and popular of all gemstone cuts. The round brilliant cut offers a balanced return of light (brilliance) and dispersion with a stunning 58 facet cut. It is designed to give maximum brilliance and radiance.

Oval Cut
This elongated shape offers a perfectly symmetrical design. The shape gives a flattering illusion, adding length to the hand-great for shorter fingers or petite hands. The oval shaped gemstone is a variation of the round brilliant cut, which has been squeezed so that it is narrower on one direction and longer in the other.

The Princess Cut
Fit for a princess! This increasingly popular cut is a square cut with 90 degree angles on each corner, capturing radiant brilliance. It is a great improvement over the previous step cut used for square and oblong gemstones. It is effectively a square version of the round brilliant cut, and is known technically as a square modified brilliant cut. Because of the extra faceting and the effects it produces, princess cuts are naturally more brilliant and sparkly than ordinary square gemstones.

The Emerald Shape
The emerald cut is also known as the “step cut”. Step cuts are comprised of larger facets which act like mirrors. Its concentric, broad, flat planes resemble stair steps. It is rectangular in shape and has cut corners. The emerald cut gemstone reveals a truly classic beauty and simple elegance.

The Pear Shape
The pear shape, also called the teardrop shape, is a variation is a hybrid cut combining the best qualities of oval and marquise cuts. Many who like the look of the Round but want the fancy shape alternative, choose the pear shape. This particular cut is perfect for pendants and earrings, creating a spectacular sparkle and brilliance.

The Heart Shape
The heart shape is surely the romantic shape for a gemstone. Basically, it is a pear shape with a notch cut into the rounded end. Truly unique and special, the heart cut is the ultimate symbol of love.

The Marquise
The marquise cut is a variation of the round brilliant cut, which has been stretched out into an oval with pointed ends. This particular cut is considered to be one of the most unique yet sophisticated types of cuts.