Rhodium Jewelry

Sometimes referred to 'Platinum Plating', rhodium is part of the platinum metal family. Rhodium is commonly electroplated to white gold as well and sterling silver jewelry. It is best known for its beautiful platinum finish and allows you the look of high priced platinum at a fraction of the cost.

Rhodium is electroplated over sterling silver to enhance your jewelry's durability and resistance to tarnishing. Being a part of the platinum family, rhodium is extremely hard and resists scratching. Another well known attribute of rhodium is its resistance to tarnishing. Rhodium will not tarnish and does not require polishing. Click here to learn how to properly clean and polish your jewelry.

There are several precautions to take with your rhodium plated jewelry. Be careful not to use abrasive cleaners or wear your jewelry when performing tasks that may cause friction with your jewelry (such as gardening). While rhodium is very durable, over time with everyday wear, the plating may wear thin and expose the sterling silver beneath. Your rhodium plated, sterling silver jewelry can be re-plated fairly cheaply and easily by your local jeweler. Look for 'Rhodium Plated' in the item details on our product pages.