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Aliya's Small Carat Princess Cut CZ Solitaire Ring

Item No. R1205

Sale price: $27.95

Customer Reviews

***** Gorgeous!!!
by (Missouri)
This ring is such a believable engagement ring! The stone is a small, high clarity stone that I couldn't even tell the difference. This ring replaced a similar actual diamond ring that went missing. I would recommend 100%
Gorgeous! Believable! Perfectly priced! Fast shipping!
There isn't an exact matching band in stock
***** !
by (Michigan)
My ring arrived today and I LOVE it! I wanted a small carat ring and this is perfect.
***** It's beautiful
by (Ma)
This ring is gorgeous. It looks so real that you would never know. It is small not big and tacky! Shipping was ultra fast. Very very happy. I would recomend this highly. Looks even better than pictures and the picture is good.
looks real, size is perfect, shinny and well crafted.
by (ohio)
I ordered this ring as a subsitute for my actual engagement ring while it is being fixed. I honestly like this ring better and have gotten so many compliments on it, noone can tell its not real. Well worth the money!
***** Picture doesn't do it justice!
by (Idaho)
When I ordered this ring I was very skeptical as I had ordered a different ring earlier and was very disappointed with it, but when I opened the box and seen the ring it was instant love, very sparkely and the smaller stone makes it very believable.
A smaller princess cut setting. Doesn't set up to high.Good ring for smaller hands.
Wish it had a matching band.
***** Beautiful!!!!
by (Nashville, TN)
This ring is gorgeous!!! Looks amazing!!!
by (NK, Ohio)
I purchsed this ring to update my original wedding set. It is gold and I have been wearing silver jewelry for almost 18 years now. I was a little skeptical, you know the too-good-to-be-true thing. A ring that looked platinum and like a real diamond? No way! Well I got it in Dec of 2010. It is just the right size to be believeable... we don't have a lot of money, we don't live in a big house and drive nice new cars.. so this is completely believeable for the lifestyle we live! I just ordered a band to match.Now the only test will be how it wears and tears.. I hope it keeps the shine and luster it has now.. BTW... the picture is very true and acurate. What I saw is what I got...
looks realistic and is just the right size
***** Price was amazing. Shipping was...
by (Akron, Ohio)
Price was amazing. Shipping was super-fast, I couldn't believe it, it came in two days (and I didn't pay for fast shipping!) Great value for the money. I will shop from again certainly.
***** This ring is so beautiul!!!...
by (La)
This ring is so beautiul!!! Very pleased with the quality of it!
***** I'm using this ring as...
by (Everett, Washington)
I'm using this ring as my engagement ring. It's so beautiful and looks soo real
***** awesome!! so beautiful and the...
by (tx)
awesome!! so beautiful and the shipping was SUPER fast!! This is a amazing ring!!
**** this ring is beautiful. i...
by (fresno, ca)
this ring is beautiful. i wanted it to be small enough to be believable and it is just the right size. the silver is very shiney and looks very realistic. i ordered the ring during the holiday season along with orders from other online stores. the ring got here first-super fast. overall the ring is beautiful and believable-great value!