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Asa's Antique Style CZ Engagement Ring

Item No. R1019

Sale price: $49.95

Customer Reviews

**** Great ring!
by (Wisconsin)
I bought this ring because I am a nurse and am constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer and my real engagement ring is getting dull and the white gold is coming off because of it so I didn't want to wear it to work anymore but felt naked without it. This ring was the closest to my real ring on this site. It looks quite real and is super pretty and shiny! I think a jewelry expert might be able to tell its fake but to a normal person it would look real for sure!! This is a great alternative for me and a great price too!!! Such a pretty ring.
Super shiny and sparkly! Looks near real. I need a size 4 which hardly any "fake" rings come in...this comes in a 4!! I bought this as a fake to wear when I can't wear my real engagement ring and it's perfect!!!
The middle diamond has a very very slight blue/white hint to it which is the only reason I might think it isn't real. However if I was looking at this ring on someone else's finger I wouldn't be able to tell!! I can only tell because I put my really diamond engagement ring which looks similar to this right next to it. Love this ring!
***** Awesome purchase!
by (Ontario, Canada)
I just got this ring in the mail and it it absolutely beautiful! I am so impressed, I had low expectations due to the price but it so nice! However I do wish I went a size down as the 5 I got is too big for my ring finger but I will just wear it on the middle :) Love it!
***** 4 Years, going strong!
by (SC)
I have had this ring for four years and it's still as beautiful as the day I got it. I get compliments ALL the time, even from a few jewelers and ladies of "means" who had no clue it wasn't the real thing.
Great quality. Super fast shipping. Realistic - large and impressive without being gaudy.
Absolutely none
***** Awesome Ring!
by (Barstow, Ca)
I fell in love with this ring. Its gorgeous! It looks real. Ive had lots of people tell me how pretty it is and they all think its a real diamond. Ive got the " wow that's a big rock" comment. This is my wedding ring. I have a matching band to go with it but the band is to big so i just wear this beauty all the time.
Gorgeous Looks Real
***** Glitzy Sophisticated Glam
by (Bay Area, CA)
I recently got engaged and married in 2012; the ring my husband purchased was gorgeous a little over 1.5 carats, and the whitest of white diamonds. So purchasing this ring wasn't because I'm not satisfied with my current ring and band. My husband and I plan to take motorcycle rides, hike, and do some other stuff this year and I didn't want to wear my real ring out. This is a nice substitute. It's not overly big, it sparkles, and it shines. Hopefully it lasts!
Believable True to size fit
by (san diego CA)
Merry Christmas to me!! My hubby just surprised me with the Asa ring for Christmas a few days ago and I am THRILLED! I love everything about this setting and style. I did what some of the other reviews suggested and paired the ring with two Lucia bands and it's beautiful. My only concern is about how I can keep this ring as sparkly as it was when I first got it. I wear my rings everyday all day long, but I'd be willing to find other ways of keeping it clean. Any suggestions from other buyers??
I love the cut, the style, and sparkle factor!
*** New review
by (United States)
Just wanted to post a new review as I've now had the ring for about 9 months. The ring is beautiful - I've really loved it and get compliments on it all the time but I just had to order a new one because the stone popped out. I'm really disappointed, it hasn't even been a year, but I do love the ring enough to purchase a new one.
Beautiful, looks authentic, nice size
Stone popped out after less than a year
***** omg
by (Savannah )
This ring is beautiful. I was so speechless when I open the box. It looks amazing. I will have everyone fool. Lol I do not support the diamond industry anymore and this looks just like the real thing. I just wish it came with a band. However I see one that would go with it. I will get two of them really soon.
It is really shine and sparkles like a diamond. Very light
Does have a band to go with it.
***** hmmm! very impressive piece of jewelry
by (wheaton, Maryland)
i am soo happy with my ring so much that i wanna own another one! i get a lot of compliments from friends, family, collegues and even strangers. the halo is lowly set and does not catch on things, the metal and stones are so shiny that it is hard to believe they are not real diamonds, the band is very thin you dont feel it and its very comfortable to wear. i love this ring, tjo!
nothing so far..
wish it had a matching band
***** Love love love this ring
by (Atlanta, GA)
I wrote a review for this ring back when I bought it for my other half, but then she got me the same one. I've worn it every single day since early May and it still looks new. It's so beautiful and people compliment me on it all the time. The setting is wonderful and doesn't look cheap or fake at all. It's a really wonderful ring if you can't afford the real thing but still want a beautiful, high-quality ring.
***** Very realistic
by (IL)
I am thrilled with how 'real' this ring looks! The stone has a beautiful clarity and nice realistic size while still giving off a little bling. I took the advice of a previous reviewer and also purchased 2 of the Lucia bands. I pair with one on top and one on the bottom and the 3 fit together perfectly. To do this you should order the Asa ring in a size larger than you would normally wear. The center setting has a very low-profile so the stone almost appears smaller than it is. My only complaint about this ring is I wish the small stones were a little larger. *Shipping was amazingly fast-ordered on Tuesday and received on Thursday!
Very realistic with a gorgeous sparkle.
Side stones are VERY tiny but not much of a con as the sparkle is still huge!
***** I love this ring!!
by (California)
This is just a beautiful little ring! I was looking for something small and delicate. I found something very similar on another website, but it was not well made and very expensive. I returned it and decided to look at Fantasy Jewelry Box where I have bought other rings and have been very happy with (I should have looked here first!). I found this ring, much better quality and a much better price. It's just lovely; small and delicate, a liitle modern and a little antique looking. It's a good size but still small enough to pass for real. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. And, it seems durable; I wear it everyday and have dropped it a couple of times and it's still in good shape. I love this ring so much that I may buy another one just in case something happens to it. I'm very happy with this ring and with Fantasy Jewelry Box!!
*beautiful design *very comfortable to wear *good size; not too big, not too small *sparkles and shines *durable *great price
***** love it!
by (ny)
this is exquisit
shines..neat, beautiful, doesnt look fake
***** Great sparkly and believable ring
by (Singapore)
I got this and some other stuff from FJB and this ring is my fiancé favorite! He says it look so real and pretty and the minute we gt the ring,we compared with the real diamond which had a similar design and the sparkle was magnificent!it didn't look fake at all and it make my fingers look delicate!I love this ring!Couldnt leave and would not leave my finger anytime soon!
Great price,quality and shine!Band was so thin which makes it comfortable to wear all day!
Nothing just keep up the good work!!
* asa ring
by (ireland)
just got this ring today in the post..the pics dont do it any justice. so pretty, really really happy with it
beautiful beautiful beautiful
nothing so far
***** amazing shine
by (ny)
The ring is gorgeous and shines beautifully. Good craftmanship for sure! I love the design and the fit is great! The CZ in center is not too big or small just right!
***** .
by (Blue Ridge, Ga)
This is a very believable ring. It is lovely and comfortable to wear because of the thin band. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a very pretty and easy to wear ring.
The center stone is a size to be very believable yet impressive.
Cannot think of any. Time will tell.
***** Fabulous!
by (Ireland)
My husband bought me this ring for our fifth wedding anniversary. When we got married we couldn't afford a real diamond engagement ring, preferring to spend the money on our wedding guests. We still can't afford a real diamond but I don't care. This ring is wonderful and looks as tasteful and sparkly as the real thing. If you buy it you won't be one bit disappointed.
***** Perfect!
by (Johannesburg)
I LOVE this ring! It had wonderful sparkle and looks just like the real thing without having to contribute to the awful diamond practices.
The side diamonds around the center stone and band are smaller than expected, but the ring is beautiful.
***** So lovely
by (Atlanta, GA)
I bought this ring for my other half and I was really pleased when it came in the mail. It is really nicely made and honestly it looks real. It sits nicely on the finger, too. No telling how it's going to stand up but the first impression was great.
***** Loving it!
by (Europe)
The prettiest ring I have ever seen!
Sparkling, elegant and feminine.
***** SOOO worth it!
by (SC)
I waited to post my review until I had had this ring for a while. I totally forgot to come back to post, but here I am 10 months later and I am just as please with it today as the day I received it in the mail. I am a teacher so that means LOTS of handwashing and alcohol-based sanitizer but even wearing it day in and day out, this ring shows NO signs of it. I could not possibly be more pleased. If you're debating whether or not to get this one, DO IT! I promise you will not be disappointed!
Big enough to be impressive but not so large that it looks fake. VERY believable.
None whatsoever!
***** .
by (Las vegas)
Love it, so simple and yet so classy. I looooooove it. It is true to size so don't order larger unless you want to stack it with the Lucia ring. Does look very real and took my old wedding ring out to check, couldn't tell.
***** Love it!!!
by (Ga)
I am truly in love with this ring. I got it today and put it on and all I can say is I am truly in love with it. I got this ring to replace my real one I lost but this is better I love it. It shines and sparkles just as if it was real. I could not have gone wrong with this one.
none what so ever
***** beautiful
by (GA)
I originally ordered this ring because I lost my ring that my fiance got for sadly only after 2 months. So we decided to replace it for now with a fake one. So this was my chance to pick my dream ring without worrying about price. At first when I received this ring I thought wow this is beautiful my second thought was a real diamond ring this size would be way more than my fiance and I could afford. My worries were put to rest when all of my coworkers drooled over my ring, wishing they had it. My ring even looks almost exactly like another girl who just got engaged as well and everyone says they like mine better. Everyone compliments my fiance on his ring picking ability, our little secret.
Have had it for a month and a half still beautiful and still sparking.
Wish there was a band to match. I would love to have a double ban to add to sparkle
***** A Great Buy
I can say that it was a relief to find an antique style ring that was a great price that ACTUALLY come in my size. It can be hard to find a size 10 ring, especially in something as beautiful as this. I'm very happy that my fiancee and I chose this ring. It fit all of specification and is a great price. Now we can use all of that money we would have spent on a pricey ring to go towards the wedding. My only hope is that it is durable and with stands daily wear and tare.
Beautiful center stone that sparkles. Everyone just complements it and they never have to know that it's not a diamond.
Not sure yet about the durability of the ring since I have only been wearing it a few weeks.
* just ordered it!!
by (New Jersey)
Just ordered the ring, i have read the reviews and they very helpful. I just hope the middle stone is set a little high so that my wedding band can slide under...
by (Texas)
This ring is very pretty and could pass for the real thing. The center stone has a nice cut and sparkle.
Would like to have band that matches ring.
***** Asa's Antique Style CZ Engagement Ring
by (NJ)
As embarrassed as I am to admit this... 2 weeks after my amazing fiancee proposed to me, I lost the ring. I cried for weeks on end but finally decided to get a "temporary" replacement. I searched HIGH and LOW on every website available but realized quickly he could not (ahem, WOULD NOT) be spending thousands of dollars so soon after I had lost the original!) I searched for antique engagement rings and this site popped up. I was immediately blown away by the pictures of the ring but to be honest had no faith that it would be as gorgeous as it is in person. I fretted about that as I waited for it to arrive in the mail but when it arrived... I WAS BROUGHT TO TEARS! losing my orig. ring had put me in a bad position for many reasons, one being that everyone I work with and know kept asking what ring he would get me next. So, when I was able to show up at wk with this incredibly beautiful, sparkly, authentic ring on my left ring finger, I was ecstatic! I get rave reviews about it (no one knows it is fake ;) and am buying another one god forbid this one goes missing. I wear it in the pool, shower, etc and it hasn't lost it's glow. I love this ring and would HIGHLY recommend it if it is your style. It looks 100% real!
it's shine, it's elegance, the classic look of antiquity... and all of the "bring them to tears" moments when i show it off to family and friends :)
***** Absolutely beautiful
by (Plantation, FL)
I wanted to get a right hand ring that would be pretty for every day but still believable. This ring is gorgeous, has amazing sparkle and looks absolutely real. It's dainty, elegant and yet has such a beautiful presence. You will not be disappointed.
Beautiful setting, comfortable fit, looks so incredibly real.
***** absolutely perfect!
by (ky)
My husband wanted to get me something for our 30th anniversary and after much searching, I picked this out after reading all the raves about this ring. I got it only two days after ordering and nearly fell over when I opened the box-- I couldn't have picked out anything closer to what I wanted if I had done it in person!!! You cannot believe how real this looks, and believe me I wouldn't wear it if it didn't. I put a real one, comparable in size and carat weight on my finger next to it at a major jewelry retailer and neither of us could tell the difference. I don't think the salesman knew mine wasn't real either. It is a perfect size if you want to give the illusion that someone really splurged on you but did not go pretentiously overboard. Will really turn heads, elegantly simple but just lovely,and it doesn't look like you are trying to scream "Look how much money we have!" I can't say enough about this ring, better grab one while they are still left, even if you can't send it back. I think you'll never be sorry you did. Thank you thank you thank you! Probably the best $50.00 I ever spent!
looks real, the perfect size stones in the center, surrounding and on the band
for $50.00 none that I can tell
***** Gorgeous
by (Michigan)
I received this ring as a birthday present. While I wear it on my right hand, I could just as easily imagine receiving it as an engagement ring. It goes with everything and I receive so many compliments on it!
Absolutely NOTHING!
**** Beautiful
by (hamilton ontario)
this ring is stunning. i love it and it fits perfectly
very shiney and grabs attention.
**** Beautiful
by (San Jose, CA)
This ring is beautiful. It was the closest thing to my actual ring that my husband and I decided we needed a back up for since we'll be traveling a lot out of the country for his job. My one issue with this is that there isn't a matching band. For now my actual wedding band will have to do, but it still doesn't match perfectly. I would definitely invest in a band if FJB came out with one!
Beautiful, delicate, real-looking
No matching band.
***** Modern chic
by (GA)
I had been drooling over antique pave style rings like this one. My current engagement and wedding ring(2 band surrounding my e.ring) i s beautiful but it's heavy and a bit out of date. I love my new sub. and honestly I regretted ordering right after thinking it would look too fake...NOT at all. I've tried on rings of similar style in the stores, and it def. mirrors the shine and design. Oh, and it was shipped so quickly! First class mail :)
Classy; modern vintage feel(yes, an oxymoron); beautiful. It looks like a delicious piece of eye candy, lol.
a bit tooo light so the ring shifts on my finger a bit.
**** LOVE IT!!
by (Titusville, Florida)
My boyfriend got me this ring for Christmas and I was weary about the CZ stone because I know they tend to cloud up, but I have to say, my ring still looks absolutely gorgeous! I get so many compliments on it and it's sparkles just as if it was a real stone! So happy with it!!
Love the cut! Beautiful stone!
Band is pretty thin!
**** Beautiful, but need a band
by (Columbus, Ohio)
I am very pleased with this ring, for many reason. But there's no matching band. First off, it came to me extremely fast. Shipping was was very fast and I was able to track the item. Second, the ring is just BEAUTIFUL! It shines, sparkles and really catches the light. I have gotten many compliments. My ONLY complaint, and the reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 i there's no matching band for this beautiful ring. None of my own bands fit either. The one I wear with it, and of course wanted to wear, is my wedding band because its thin and matches pretty close to this rings band. But still, it doesn't over lap and lock into place nice and snug. So PLEASE OFFER A MATCHING BAND for this beautiful ring. Thank you :)
It's look, style and the shine
No matching band
***** This ring is PERFECT!!!
by (CA)
I am so in love with this ring!! I was a little hesitant about ordering it, but after receiving it and trying it on for the first time... I was incredibly impressed! It's so beautiful, shiny and impressive yet delicate. The stone is a perfect size, not big - not small. It compliments my hand beautifully! ... ONE huge bonus, was that it arrived only a few days after ordering.
the stone size the shine it looks very expensive
don't dislike anything about it :) I'm beyond HAPPY with my purchase!
***** Most beautiful ring ever!!!
by (the midwest)
This is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!!! It beats out all of the real ones I've seen in this style in sparkle and shine for sure! It is PERFECT!!! I just wish there were a band that went with it.
no matching band :(
***** I'm in love!!
by (Scottsdale, Arizona)
I absolutely LOVE this ring! It's simple, beautiful and very classy looking. I will continue to order from Fantasy Jewelry Box as my overall experience was so good with you guys :-) Thanks so much for making my hand look even more beautiful!
***** Simply Beautiful!
by (South Carolina)
I cannot get over how beautiful this ring is it_¢¬Ä‚Ñ¢s just the right size for me. And the stones look so real there would be no way you would think this ring was imitation if you weren_¢¬Ä‚Ñ¢t a jeweler.
***** Gorgeous!
by (Temecula, CA)
This is a beautiful ring! I have trouble finding nice rings because I wear a size 4 1/2, but I loved the look of this ring, and after reading the reviews, I ordered the size 5. It came in the mail within two days, arriving on my birthday! It is absolutely beautiful, perfect for my small hand. The 5 is just a little bit big, but I'm going to look for a ring guard or something to make it fit perfectly. I"m keeping this beauty!!! And FantasyJewelryBox is now in my Favorites menu on my computer. I will be shopping here regularly!!! Love it!!
That it doesn't come in a smaller size, but that's ok!
***** anxiously waiting
by (manchester,MI)
I havent ordered this yet, but my fiance will be giving me the money on tuesday to send in for it, it took me along time to find a ring i wanted countless online shopping at hundreds of sites, i cant wait to well for him to put it on my finger.
it is just beautiful
***** LOVE IT!!
by (Hayward, CA)
fast wearing the ring right now n lookin at it i love iitttt!!!
band is too thin..
***** Gorgeous!
by (Columbia, MO)
Just got this ring, and already I'm getting compliments! It's the perfect size for me, not too big and not too small. I love the thinness of the band, I don't like big chunky rings. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the prominence of the prongs on the center stone. I feel like they could have been made smaller, not so catchy. Otherwise, this is a phenomenal ring for the price!
Prongs on the center stone.
***** Beautiful!!
by (NY)
I just got my ring in the post...I love it! I have pretty slight hands and skinny fingers and this ring looks perfect! It's so elegant and could definitely pass as the real thing!
**** What a steal !!! Looks so real and very beautiful !
by (Baltimore, Maryland)
It was very easy to order and surf the site. I wasn't sure what to expect, but when the ring came I was amazed. I picked the option to have it gift wrapped, how pretty (pink gift box) !!! But if you have stubby or chunky fingers go with a ring with a wider band. I agree with another review, it is very hard to find a matching band because this rings band is so thin (but beautiful). I wish Fantasy Jewelry Box offered insites to matching band options and the rings in different metals, like white gold. I feel that with the quality of this jewelry, customer would be willing to pay a little more for higher quality metals. I am substituting this ring as my wedding set to put more money towards my wedding (about $4000), to invite more people, and it's very important I find a band to match. I think two bands, one for either side would look great with this ring, even if they are not flush to the actual rings band, just get them sadered together. If anyone else has ordered the same ring and found a perfect matching band for this beautiful ring, please pass the message along. My advice to anyone ordering, if you want to save money, these rings are perfect (who says they have to know it's not a real diamond, they will all just think it is, I promise) !!! Thank You Fantasy Jewelry Box :)
***** Beautiful!
by (West Linn, OR)
I love this ring. I get a ton of compliments on it. Looks like the real thing.
***** Perfect size stone
by (New York)
The CZ looks awesome and it's such a pretty ring. My only complaint is the band is a little thin and I can't seem to find a nice matching ring. The ring is SOOOOO pretty though and I really love it worth the price it's very believable
***** What a great experience -...
What a great experience - quality customer service, beautiful jewelery and great prices!
***** I purchased 2 rings and...
by (Chicago, Illinois)
I purchased 2 rings and am totally pleased with them both. I was thrilled with the fast shipping and great correspondence with the company. They e-mailed me with shipping information immediately. This ring is gorgeous!
***** I love this ring. ...
by (Genoa City, WI)
I love this ring. I had to wait a few weeks to get it because it was on backorder, but it was totally worth it. It looks real. I can't tell you how many people thought it was real. It is an absolutely gorgeous ring!
**** This ring absolutely beautiful. My...
by (Long Island, NY)
This ring absolutely beautiful. My very honest friend (she's as blunt as they come) even thought so. It's a tad cloudy but only to people that know what a clear diamond looks like. I like it a lot!
***** Just got this ring today,...
by (NJ)
Just got this ring today, it was shipped on Tuesday, and I got it today on Friday! All the reviews are 100% right on!! The ring is beautiful!! The perfect size stone too, not big and not small. It sparkles so much, especially in the sun light!! I saw a ring that looked very close to this one, in a store and it was $600.00 and I could never, ever afford that and always wished for it! Then I saw this in FJB, and feel I got my wish come true!! I will definitely buy more jewerly from this won't be disappointed.
***** I received this ring yesterday....
by (Houston TX)
I received this ring yesterday. Loved that I could track with USPS. It is gorgeous..very believable..very well made. Not large stone..1 carat middle but just a very pretty vintage ring. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Doing business was very easy and I even got some free earrings for ordering over a certain amount!!!
***** If only this ring came...
by (Cincinnati, OH)
If only this ring came in an 11! I love the vintage rings and this one would be my dream ring! Can you talk to your suppliers?
***** So...I just got my ring...
by (Tx)
So...I just got my ring in the mail it took almost a month to get it because it was on back order , but it was worth the wait! It is so gorgeous! My wedding ring was stolen a few months ago and so I wanted something to wear right now until I get a new one and I am so glad I went with this ring! It truly is an amazing ring! I am so pleased!!
***** The picture does not do...
by (New York)
The picture does not do this ring justice. When I opened the box it was even better than I was expecting. It looks very pretty on the website but in person it's absolutely gorgeous! It's just the right size when you put it on and the stones have great fire and glisten in any light. And the shipping was very fast, received my ring in just 2 days! I'm extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely be a return customer.
***** This is the prettiest ring...
by (South Carolina)
This is the prettiest ring I have ever seen!!!!
***** I bought this ring almost...
by (Philadelphia, PA)
I bought this ring almost a year ago and I am still in love with it. The band is thin enough for my slender fingers and small hands. It is very realistic and catches the light beautifully. Well done!
**** I bought this as a...
by (Ft. Lauderdale)
I bought this as a every day replacement for my real engagement ring. It looks just like my real one and has a little bit more clarity. Nobody has noticed but it takes the pressure off of me worrying about damaging or losing my real one. This is an excellent \"stand-in.\"
***** This ring is absolutely stunning!...
by (Colorado)
This ring is absolutely stunning! I have had it for about a week and have already had 2 complete strangers tell me how beautiful my ring is. I highly recommend this ring!
**** i am impressed with the...
by (atl,ga)
i am impressed with the quality. The details to the workmanship make this ring look and feel expensive. Stone was alittle cloudy but to the average untrained eye- APPEARS IMPRESSIVE and stone size is very believable. Would reccomend your products after this purchase. I will purchase more of your fabulous fakes in the near future!
***** Shocking good quality. I bought...
by (Edmonton, Canada)
Shocking good quality. I bought a few CZs from Winners and discount department stores only to return them because they looked too cheap; too large, too flat too whatever. This ring is great. It's not too ostentatious (even at 2 carats; it is flat so it's not obtrusive) and the detailing on it looks like a really expensive ring. Very pleased with it.
***** stunning! looks so real, it...
by (New York)
stunning! looks so real, it sparkles more than a diamond does! it is perfectly sized, not ostentatious at all! my only concern was that it took 28 days to get here because it was backordered, but it was well worth the wait!
***** I LOVE this ring. So...
by (Fayetteville)
I LOVE this ring. So simple but gorgeous. Got here crazy fast. FJB rocks