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Britney's Imitation Diamond Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Item No. R558


Customer Reviews

***** I get alot of compliments on it
by (Canada)
Have had it for almost 2 years. Wear it while travelling so I dont lose my actual's beautiful shiny nice cut and despite wearing it while cooking washings dishes etc. hasnt tarnished I get alot of compliments on it
Nice Shiny Not too big but still catches everyones eyes
***** LOVE IT!
by (Texas)
I got the ring and loved it! I admit, I was thinking of sending it back because it has a big stone! But I don't care!! I really love it!! To me, the stone looks like Khloe Kardashian's ring.
***** Love this ring!
by (Denver)
I use this ring as my engagement ring when I travel. I absolutely love it. No one can tell it is CZ and it is the perfect size. Fast shipping too! I just had a quick question for anyone who may have this ring. Can you recommend a wedding band from this site that goes well with this ring? Thanks so much!
***** amazing
by (california)
Beautifully crafted. The center stone is big but not fake-looking, completed with brilliant cut that fires under the light! I like the antique look of this ring. Received a lot of complement on this one.
the price is great
***** amazing
by (GA)
This is just a beautiful ring. I got it just today and I have already gotten comments! It looks real and when you wear it you feel just like a princess. Its a wonderful little ring. Just amazing how real it looks you cant even tell that its CZ. I love it!!
Stones look so real