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Clara's Three Carat Emerald Shape Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring Set

Item No. r952

Sale price: $26.97
Item currently out of stock
If you’re looking for an engagement or wedding ring set that will catch everyone’s eye, this Clara emerald shaped cubic zirconia ring may be just what you’re looking for. With an impressive 3 carat center stone and an additional 1.25 carats of accent stones, this ring glitters for days! Equally beautiful is the rhodium electroplated setting, which is beautifully polished to perfectly accent the stones. With such high quality stones and materials, nobody would ever guess the incredible price you paid for this exquisite piece.

Customer Reviews

***** exquisite
by (panama)
exquisite and realistic.i love the size of the center stone because its big enough to grab a lot of attention but realistic in true clarity and shine. the best way to say it is i wear this one everyday instead of my real set!!!!