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Endless Love Sterling Silver CZ Engagement Ring Set

Item No. RS3699

Choose an eternity engagement ring and wedding ring set to show the world that you’ve found your forever. Our Endless Love sterling silver cubic zirconia engagement ring set is rhodium electroplated for a platinum look on a silver budget. Each engagement ring has a 1.25-carat round shape and brilliant cut high-quality cubic zirconia. This stone has unparalleled clarity and color with delicate prong settings that will keep your CZ stone in place.

Customer Reviews

***** I love this ring!
by (Chicago)
My husband bought me a white gold ring that kept turning yellow, plus the fake diamond stone looked obviously fake, even from a distance. We are starting our careers and can't afford the real thing right now. I wanted something more realistic that was more my taste so I bought this ring. I am in love with it! The 1.25 stone felt a little big at first, but I've gotten used to it. The stone looks real, even when held against real diamonds. I love the classic, elegant style. I wish we would have bought this set from the beginning so I could have taken my vows with these instead. Definitely get this set, whether its a replacement set, a travel set, or full time set. It's more gorgeous in person.
Look real. True to size.
***** Fabulous
by (South Florida)
I received this ring a few days ago, and I LOVE it, it looks very REAL!!!
**** Stunning
by (Wisconsin)
This ring has a lovely sparkle. I have short fingers yet my ring finger is a size 8 (everyone says I have baby sized hands) but it doesn't look huge and ridiculous. The bands being on the skinny side is fantastic, anything larger and it would make my fingers look stubby. This was a replacement for my original wedding ring that is now too small for me. Fantasy Jewelry box, thanks for putting a ring back on my finger. =]
Sparkles wonderfully, sized appropriately, super fast shipping (ordered Tuesday late night and it was here Friday!)
I just think anything over a 1ct CZ is huge, so the 1.25 is a bit big for me, but I still love it.
***** Ridiculously Beautiful!
by (Long Beach)
Unfortunately I lost my real wedding rings after three years of having them. So I decided to purchase myself a CZ wedding set for now until my husband could replace it with a new set. When I got to this website, these rings were love at first site! I just wasn't too sure if the center stone would look big on me since I was used to a smaller carat ring (I also have small hands and my ring size is a 4.5 but I got this ring in size 5). The stone looked big to me at first but I have gotten used to the size and I really like the size of it. I have received sooo many compliments! No one has realized that it is a CZ set.
Simple and elegant. It's definantly an eye catcher! Very comfortable on my finger.
**** Gorgeous!
by (Houston, Texas)
I've had my ring for about 9 months now and I'm still in love with it. It's shiny and fancy looking without the price tag. I've gotten soooo many compliments on this ring its insane. Even my best friend went the longest thinking it was real until I told her I got it from this website. Overall very pleased with my purchase and would buy again. I highly recommend this ring.
-Authentic looking -Sparkles even after 9 months (as long as you keep it clean) -Perfect fit -Decent price
The only problems I've had with this ring are the tiny stones falling out. I've been missing 2 rhinestones on the wedding band for a few months now, but that's to be expected coming from a $50 ring. I just twist the ring around so that the empty holes (where the rhinestones were) are facing the palm of my hand so know one can see them. If you want true quality, your best bet is to get something real.
***** Beautiful small set
by (New Orleans, LA)
I like this set, it's very simple. It's sort of small, I wear it as a replacement for my wedding set. I like the way the cz goes all the way around the eternity band.
I like pairing the band with other rings I've purchased from here, such as the Asa's Antique engagement.
The eternity band is quite small, it's almost lost on my small hand when i wear it alone.
***** Overall beautiful and a great value in a bad economy:)
by (Phoenix, AZ)
I received my ring earlier this week, Its very sparkly and looks just like the real thing. The center stone is the most impressive part, just beautiful. I chose standard shipping which was cheap and my ring got here within 2 days, super fast. Everything about this transaction and product are great. I highly recommend.
Beautiful center stone, looks real, true to size, fast shipping, and a realistic 4 prong setting, some of the rings on here have 6 and even 8 prong settings for 2 carat and under diamond which is just ridiculous, so I love that this ring had a 4 prong.
The smaller stones are a bit to small, it just looks a little bit off to me, also the little stones go all the way around on the wedding band but only halfway around on the engagement ring (not a huge deal but it just throws off the symmetry imo.) It is quite a bit more light weight than the real thing which I suppose could be a pro but if your trying to pass this off as real your friends and coworkers will have to admire on your finger only.
***** Beautiful
by (Orlando, FL)
This ring is absolutely beautiful. I receive compliments on it all the time. The only time I remove this ring is while I am cleaning.
Beautiful, believeable, affordable. Great Buy!
***** Beautiful
by (Burnsville, MN)
Beautiful ring! The ring sparkles so much more than what the picture is showing, and it looks so unbelievably real. I also have long, slender fingers and this ring fit perfectly without looking gawdy. The narrow bands were perfect for my fingers in the size 4. I heartily recommend this ring for anyone who wants a simple look for slender fingers. I wear this day to day instead of my real ring to give it a break.
Looks like the real thing, sparkles beautifully. Lightweight since it's not a real diamond and not made out of gold or platinum. It's inexpensive and works well as a "backup" ring.
Not sure how to clean it. Can't wear it to the pool or beach since salt water and chlorine can damage the metal and stones.
***** gorgeous
by (Southwest Florida)
Love this set, runs slightly big, but is just beautiful
looks authentic, center stone is gorgeous, perfect size, comfortable
No cons
* I love it!!!
by (Georgia)
Got my ring yesterday and I really love it. I am only 4'9" -very petite and my fingers are really skinny, and I think it is perfect for me. I bought the unisex 2mm steel wedding band to go with it and they make a perfect match, not to flashy just really simple.
***** So Worth the Money!!
by (New York)
I have this ring for about 6 months now. It still shines as beautifully as it did when I first received it and the metal has gotten to a rich silver making the ring appear platinum. I receive so many compliments and my friends who know its not real don't believe me. This is a classic ring and you will love every minute you're wearing it!
***** Love it!!!
by (Hampton Bays, New York)
Absolutely stunning!! It is perfect for my hand, if you have slender hands this is perfect!! The carat size is just right, not too big and so simple. I can't keep my eyes off of it, looks like the real thing. I decided to give my Grandmother's set a break and couldn't be happier! People keep looking and complimenting!
***** Just got my ring, so...
by (Phoenix AZ)
Just got my ring, so beautiful! It's really sparkly, but not too flashy. The set looks like what you would pay upwards of $10,000 for if it had a real diamond. So much better in person than in the picture. Way better than I expected.
***** This is a fantastic set!...
by (Indianapolis, IN)
This is a fantastic set! I like to switch my real set out when we're out on the town, and this looks REAL. Just wish there wasn't a band going around the solitaire, that would make it perfect. I have small hands and it is not too big at all!
***** This elegant set is so...
by (Thousand Oaks, CA)
This elegant set is so beautiful. I took the band and placed it next to my $6,000 diamond ring and it sparkles just the same! I wear it & enjoy it everyday. Wow, amazing. I love FJB.
***** I just received my ring,...
by (Chicago, IL)
I just received my ring, and I must say it is gorgeous! It came pretty quick too. I will be ordering more items in the future!
***** I got this ring to...
by (Miami, FL)
I got this ring to let my moms 35 year old ring rest on ocasions and I have fallen in love with it. It gets alot of stares and its delicate and beutiful and completely realistic!! Love it!
***** I couldn't believe how much...
by (Maryland)
I couldn't believe how much attention I've received from everyone the minute I put this on! It is so beautiful and mimics the real thing! You will not be disappointed!
***** I just received my
by (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
I just received my is absolutely beautiful...I thought is was too big at first but the more I wear it the more I love it. Thanks FJB!!
***** I fell in love with...
by (Pgh, PA)
I fell in love with this ring the minute i saw it. I had it for 3 months & wore it everywhere. Although my gem fell out, i still recommend it. Its very cute & the picture doesnt do justice. Just watch the prongs with the gem.
***** I just got my ring...
by (Lincoln, AR)
I just got my ring today, it is one of the most beautiful rings I have seen yet! So I came back to get more. You have got me hooked!!!