Women’s Erroll's Cubic Zirconia Eternity Ring in 6


Sleek, simple and polished so that it gleams brilliantly, this Erroll's cubic zirconia eternity ring is absolutely exquisite in our eyes. The thin band is only 3mm wide and is made of sterling silver that is then studded with high quality imitation diamonds. These stones are all round in shape, have a brilliant cut and look just like genuine diamonds. All of them add up to a total of one solid carat for a look that is chic without being ostentatious. Wear one alone as a fashionable accent or as a wedding ring. You can also stack multiples together for a bolder and richer look.  By wearing it alone or stacking it together, the look completely changes for something new and vibrant. Beautiful jewelry like this doesn't have to be complicated in design to look great. Sometimes it's the most basic designs that are the best because you get to enjoy the true beauty of everything.

    R9410-SX GRW636
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