Evilynn's Slim Imitation Diamond Stainless Steel Ring


Stainless steel jewelry is sleek and easy to care for. At Fantasy Jewelry Box, we carry a wide variety of stainless steel jewelry for men and women. Wear them as an everyday accessory, or choose a CZ stainless steel ring to slip on an an engagement ring, or wedding ring. The Evilynn's slim imitation diamond stainless steel ring is a great example. We love wearing it whenever we want to add a gentle hint of glitter to our overall look, but doesn't it make a fabulous CZ wedding ring as well? And because at Fantasy Jewelry Box, we pride ourselves in our cubic zirconia jewelry offerings, we only use high quality stones. Everyone will assume that you are wearing the real thing. After all, the shine and sparkle is quite intense. For a simple look, just wear one of these stainless steel rings. If you want to keep it up a notch, stack them up your finger for a bolder look.

  • Stainless Steel
  • High Quality Cubic Zirconia
  • Round Stones
  • Clear Stones
  • Prong Setting
    R719-ALM R719 TK047
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