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Ginnifer's Traditional Imitation CZ Engagement Ring Set

Item No. RS8523

Sale price: $52.95

Customer Reviews

***** Love this ring. Very Beautiful!!
Love this ring. Very Beautiful!!
**** Beautiful!
As with everyone else I was skeptical. Then I remembered it's not expensive so what's the risk. So happy I bought this ring is yellow gold and wanted a silver toned set to switch things up. Looks 100% real! The only reason for the four stars is that it does scratch/scuff easily..only the two rings rubbing together. I just keep those two sides facing eachother. But who cares for the price...not sure I will ever agree to thousands for jewelry again knowing this stuff is so high quality!
Looks Real Fits nice
Two rings rub together and get scuffed.
**** I love my ring!
by (Chicago, IL)
I purchased this set as a replacement set because I was so fearful of something happening to my real diamonds. I am very pleased with the appearance. The center stone's .75 carat size makes it look like a real believable diamond (opposed to 1.5 carat and larger cz stones). As with all sterling silver, be prepared to polish it often to keep the metal from looking dull. I'm so happy I purchased this ring set.
Very sparkly. Great price. Elegant design.
***** Beautiful Ring.
by (Texas)
Beautiful Ring. I've had it for 2 years and it still looks great.
**** A Classic!
All in all this ring is 100% believeable! The size is perfect! The only reason I returned it was it was a little to wide for my tiny hands. Since my hands are so small it just looked and felt too wide but the 2 rings are beautiful... The matching band is so substantial you could wear it o its own and still be noticed.
Great quality. Well made. Looks real.
Too wide for my small hands.
by (Maryland)
.....the perfect ring! I ordered another ring from the site. And although it was beautiful....too me it was a lil too big. I worried it was fake looking ( it was a 1.25carat)I wanted something beautiful but believable. This ring was the style and the carat size I wanted. It's elegant and classy. I am a tall woman with VERY long skinny fingers. So I am always worried about the type of ring that will compliment my hands. This is fantastic and looks just like my real ring( the stone is cut like a diamond sparkles flawlessly). If you are hesitant , don't be .this is the one;)
Great ring to wear when I'm worried about wearing my real ring on vacation or to my job( I use my hands a lot). Looks just as real as my own ring.
I only wish fantasy jewelry box would do half sizes. Not a huge deal though;)
***** Love this set!
by (Portland, Maine)
Used this set for a temporary wedding ring and I love it!
Priced well, beautiful, looks real
Setting is slightly bent
***** Believable, Beautiful
by (Marion, Iowa)
I just recieved this ring and I am so impressed by the quality! The stones have the 'fire' everyone talks about...I have bought 'cheapie' rings from other websites, and was sorely disappointed. I am so happy I ordered this ring! The size of the center diamond is very believable and the setting is beautiful. If I saw someone wearing this, I would not wonder if it was real. I would think it was real!! My kind of ring!! Gorgeous. Just gorgeous!!!
Very nice quality stones, size of stones are believable. Setting looks like the real thing.
None...order it!!
***** perfect solution
by (Evanston, IL)
My fingers have swollen with my pregnancy and I missed my wedding rings! This set is perfect for it's is pretty, the metal feels substantial and the .75 carat size is believable. My center stone is just slightly off-center, but you can't tell unless it is off my finger and you are looking at it up close. It arrived quickly and I am very happy.
metal quality, size of stones
slight imperfection in setting
***** This ring set is absolutely...
by (Phoenix, AZ)
This ring set is absolutely beautiful! I bought it to take on vacations instead of taking my real diamond and gold wedding ring. I couldn't be happier with the size and clarity of the stones,and the color of the sterling silver looks like platinum. It sparkles without looking fake. I think I will be wearing it very often and expect to receive many compliments on it.
**** This set is so beautiful!...
by (Phoenix,AZ)
This set is so beautiful! I bought it to take with me on trips instead of my real diamond wedding ring. I have to say I will be using it much more often. The stones are clear and sparkly, and the color of the metal is rich. One of the rings had a couple small indentations on the metal but nothing too noticeable so I will be keeping it. The price is amazing for such a beautiful and believable ring.