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Gwyneth Imitation Diamond Engagement Ring

Item No. R0517

Sale price: $57.95
Your fiancée will have to say “Yes!” when she sees the Gwyneth engagement ring. This imitation diamond ring has an 11-carat cubic zirconia center stone, with 12.25 carats total. Each princess shape center stone is incredibly affordable and equally gorgeous. Plus, its rhodium electroplated sterling silver band will withstand wear and tear to show off your stones without platinum’s price tag.

Customer Reviews

by (CA)
As a first time buyer, I am VERY satisfied with the ring, it really looks like the real deal. I love how it catches the light, I would definitely RECOMMEND.
Glimmers and sparkles
Image of stone appears larger on the site, but it IS an 11 Carat stone. I would advise looking up other images of 11 Carat stones to get a realistic idea of actual stone. No complaints this is a beautiful ring.
***** Just WoW!
by (Spain)
Buy this now while it's on special, and wear with confidence if you can carry off big and expensive! Because that's how it looks. It is just stunning. Gorgeous centre stone surrounded by smaller cut diamonds - so pretty. it's one of my favourites.
Looks expensive.
* It's a stunner
by (Rhode Island)
My ring came in the mail today and I must say that it is better than I expected. My fiance bought this a my official engagement ring. Because we are on a very tight budget it was perfect. He wanted to get me something very eye-catching but looked real and I just wanted something to look good on my hand. I am a plus-size woman and have larger hands (ring size 10 on my ring finger) so wanted something that would not just "blend in"; plus, I am not the cookie-cutter type of woman so this was right up my alley. The ring is big - just about completely covers my upper finger to the knuckle - but I will opt for a thin wedding band to compensate for this. We will have this upgraded in a few years to a white topaz as we will never be able to afford a real diamond like this one. Thank you FBJ for having my dream engagement ring!!
Very comfortable to wear; well made
I would not recommend this for someone with tiny hands.
***** Amazingly Beautiful Ring...
by (Rhode Island)
This ring is absolutely stunning! The setting is gorgeous and the center stone sparkles in every level of light. Already got several compliments and everyone thought it was real. Simply beautiful. Definitely meant for someone who likes a chunkier peace of bling.
Brilliant sparkle, unique design, "Wow" factor.
None as far as I am concerned.
***** Big Smiles
by (St. Louis, MO)
This ring blew me away with its 12.25 Carats of CZ so of course I ordered it. It shipped in 5 days from the time I placed my order with standard shipping. The packaging was discreet to discourage theft; nothing on the package said jewelry. After I tore open my package I saw that the ring was sparkly and brilliant just as I'd expected. It fits true to size and isn't top-heavy as long as it fits you snugly. If the fit isn't perfect it can be resized by a jewelry repair shop. I love this ring and so does everyone else. It's elegant and modern, but also timeless. Don't hesitate to order it!
The center stone is cut beautifully and it has a beautiful, rainbow reflective sparkle. Shipping was fast and packaging was plain. Fits true to size and can be resized.
The brilliance of the center stone makes the surrounding stones look lackluster, but who cares when the center stone is 11 Carats? It's so gorgeous your friends might try to steal it from you.