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Hallie's Sterling Silver Round Swirl CZ Wedding Ring Set

Item No. RS8510

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Customer Reviews

***** Surpassed expectations.
I was nervous about purchasing this ring, because it had only been reviewed once. I had also gotten a ring from here before that was such poor quality. It was just awful. Well... I got it, opened it up, tried it on, and all I can say is WOW. This ring is absolutely stunning. There are no flaws on it that I can see whatsoever. The prongs are all set right, there aren't any scratches, etc. I love the fact that this ring is daintier than others on this site. It is modest looking. The center stone is a little bigger than I thought it would be, but that's not a bad thing. It looks perfect for the ring. I also love that it had two pieces that fit together nicely. It makes it a little more unique than a ring you'd see every girl on the face of this planet wearing. I would absolutely, definitely, without a doubt recommend this ring!
* Mrs.
by (New York)
I give this 4 stars
beautiful ring I love how they fit so close together and sparkles
I wish the middle stone was a little larger other then that a beautiful ring