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Ireland's Princess Cut CZ Vintage Style Ring

Item No. R1221

Sale price: $39.95
Find personalized promise rings for her under $50 at Fantasy Jewelry Box. Our Ireland’s princess cut cubic zirconia faux diamond ring has a vintage style that retro fashionistas love. Our rhodium electroplated sterling silver rings have the look of platinum with a lower price tag. Give your love this engagement or promise ring to start your future. This ring has an impressive 0.75 carat center stone and multiple smaller diamonds around the band.

Customer Reviews

***** Beautiful
by (Ohio)
This ring is beautiful and so realistic! Everyone asks where I got it! When I first got it I noticed one of the small stones was missing. I called cust. service and the were wonderful! They sent me a new one right away!
***** Love this ring!!
by (St Louis, MO)
It is even more spectacular in person. Very sparkly and shiny, looks real. It is a substantial size but still looks believable. Perfect fit.
True to size. Very fashionable.
***** LOVE IT
by (Utah)
Wanted a ring to wear everyday that wasn't my original wedding ring. This ring is so much more beautiful than pictured here. My friends couldn't tell that it wasn't real and I had compliments within the first 2 hours of wearing it. LOVE IT!
wish the site would have half sizes.
***** Ireland's Princess Cut CZ Vintage Style Ring
by (Orlando, Fl)
I did not expect what I received this ring is gorgeous!
**** beautiful
by (Las Vegas)
fantastic, sizing is dead on. looks amazing
i got the same problem as the last reviewer, ther is one stone that isn't quite set right and leaves a shadow.
***** Excellent
by (North Carolina)
I love this ring!!! It's beautiful and fits perfectly (which is hard to do as I have fat fingers). It is the perfect wedding band for me.
comes in larger sizes for women who can't fit conventional sizes
***** Beautiful Ring
by (Missouri)
I bought this ring over a year ago. I never take it off and it still looks amazing. It has a few minor cuffs on the bottom of the band, but it's not really noticeable. It's the perfect size for my finger and no one can tell that it's not a real diamond. Once a month I clean it with some dish soap and an old toothbrush and it sparkles like new again.
**** Nice! !
by (mo)
Quality ring. It looks a little larger than I expected. Its believable but would be even more believable if it were slightly smaller. Beautiful shine and detail. A 1/2 size smaller would be perfect. It kept slipping around to the other side of my hand. I paired it with Lucia's Thin Eternity ring. Not a flush fit but it keeps the ring from slipping around so much. They look pretty together since the eternity ring is so thin.
Nice detail.
No 1/2 sizes. No matching band.
***** gorgeous!!!
by (streator illinois)
This is my fourth engagement ring. The first was a larg single stone ring that i found too big, the second i ordered off here and was i love, until it fell into peroxide and became ruined. The 3rd had a missing diamond. After months of searching my fiance found this one and ifell in love. I just recieved it today and it perfect.
Shiny, sparkling diamonds, looks real
None at all!
***** Pictures don't do it justice
by (Kansas)
I knew this ring would be pretty, but pictures don't do it justice. It showed up today, and I was absolutely wow-ed. SO much sparkle! It does not look like a CZ, this looks like the real deal. My coworkers wouldn't leave my hand alone tonight. No exaggeration, as pretty as the photos are it's about ten times better in person. Also, I ordered this Sunday afternoon, so it was shipped Monday morning. Today is just Wednesday, and it's already here! I couldn't of asked for a better experience. This was my first purchase from this site, but definitely not the last. Wow!
Super sparkley, looks real, FAST shipping
***** Gorgeous Ring!
by (NC)
I have been a "Diamonique" devotee for years and was rather curious as to whether this product would measure up to the many "Diamonique" CZ rings I have acquired over the years. I was VERY pleasantly surprised! It's so much nicer than several of my "Diamonique" pieces. This is a truly, lovely ring with gorgeous detailing, nice weight, comfy fit and very believable CZs (diamonds) to boot! No "fake" factor here. Love looking at it on my right hand. The order only took 2 days to arrive which also impressed! I will most definitely order from Fantasy Jewelry Box again. Beautiful offerings and something for everyone.
Fine detailing which gives the ring an antique, heirloom look. Very comfortable to wear, stones are well set, lovely sparkle! Nice weight. Heavy enough to seem believable and avoids the lightweight, cheap feel of lesser quality rings. Appreciate the sterling silver.
***** So Beautiful
by (New Jersey)
Ok, so I've had this ring now for about 5 months now and I have to say it is stunning. It has not lost it's shine and looks so real, you really can not tell the difference. It's not too big and not too small, it's just the right size if your the type of person that doesn't want to seem too flashy. I'm very satisfied with this ring and will definitely be buying from this company again. Thanks
Looks like the real deal Beautifully made Doesn't loose it's shine
***** Totally worth it!
by (Utah)
I wanted to wait to write my review. While I appreciate the reviews that just opened the box and tell me how lovely it is, I wanted to know how well it would hold up! I have owned this ring for nearly a year now and wear it every single day. It is still stunning! I am complemented on this ring several times a week, and I am not exaggerating. Everywhere I go, people love it and want to know where I got it. I bought this ring as a replacement for my wedding ring when I chipped my diamond. It was just going to be a temporary fix until I could find a "Real" ring that I liked as well as my original wedding ring but have to admit that once this ring arrived, I never even went looking. I truly love this ring! I would absolutely buy this ring again!
It is beautiful. No one even suspects that it's not the real deal. It's a realistic size,even on my petite hands. I get compliments regularly.
One stone in the square around the main stone is set slightly crooked so that it leaves a dark spot. I keep panicking thinking I have lost a stone. It's there, it just doesn't shine like all the others.
***** gorgeous
by (tx)
This ring is lovely. Perfect size for my petite fingers. I'm wearing it with a band like the one with the Chelsea set, and though they don't fit together perfectly, they look fine IMHO, even though I'm pretty picky about things like that. I think you'd have to have a band custom-made to get a completely seamless fit, or just wear it by itself. It's soooo pretty.
Sparkly, shiny, all that good stuff. The center stone is large enough to be impressive, but not so large as to look fake.
No band to match.
***** This ring is a beauty
by (new jersey)
I open the box and could not believe how real it looks, if you have small hands is Perfect! the shine, the work itself is beautiful. very delicate. Love it! have order another one different because i think the sparkle is so real, and in compare to my diamond ring is so , so , REAL!
fits perfect, looks great, feels wonderful
***** An heirloom quality ring
by (St. Paul, MN)
I received my beautiful ring in the mail today. The sterling silver setting is beautiful and substantial, with a lot of elegant vintage-style detail. This isn't a "fantasy", this is the real deal ! I'm happy to own a ring in a quality, precious metal ( silver) and happy that it does *not* contain diamonds ( which are sold at an artificially inflated price by the diamond cartels) yet still has a beautiful sparkle that will last generations. I'm sure I will be passing this ring on to one of my children as a little family "treasure". Thanks FJB !
quality of the setting is the same as the quality in 14k ( and higher) gold rings, detailed, elegant, true to size, fine precious metal ( silver), nice sparkle.
none :-)
**** It tricked them all.
by (Ny)
I just got this ring the other day, I have been engaged for 4 years and my first engagment ring was small and after having my son did not fit anymore so I got rid of it... I found this ring online and after reading ALL the reviews I decided to see for myself... I am very happy with the ring and we told everyone it was real and no one question it at all... they were all stunned by it's beauty. :) I would deff. say it's worth all the fuss it's getting... THIS IS AN AMAZING RING!
Beautiful, shinny, realistic looking.... sizes are pretty true to size aswell.
my only complaint is that the middle stone is slightly shifted but enough to tell if you were looking at it you have to really look at it to notice. be aware THIS IS NOT! a modest ring. It's going to draw alot of attention.
***** Beautiful ring!!
by (Southwestern MI)
Wow!! I received this yesterday, fast shipping I might add. It is gorgeous, not too big, the detailing is awesome, and the it looks like the real deal , in my opinion. I am fussy about jewelry, it has to look real, I love diamonds and this is a great alternative. Give it a try, you have the guarantee. One person mentioned problems with the prongs, mine are smooth, don't have that issue with the ring I received.
Very nice detailing side stones sparkle very elegantly. Center stone a believable size. Nice workmanship looks like a ring out of the jewelry ads in the fashion mags
none that I know of!
***** Love this ring!
by (Texas)
I ordered this gorgeous ring and got it in two days. I was so excited and the picture doesn't do it any justice! Its a must have!!
beautiful and looks so real!
***** Love live love this ring
by (Winner, SD)
I just received this ring today and I am in love with it. I bought this to replace a much more expensive CZ ring that I had custom made, but had to return it after having so many issues with stones falling out. This ring far exceeds the returned ring. The stones really sparkle and it is a nice size. It is a very believable looking diamond substitute. I couldn't be happier.
Looks real, stones really really sparkle, and is super comfortable to wear.
***** It's a keeper!
by (Philadelphia, PA)
After trying (unsuccessfully) to find a replacement ring for my wedding set, I finally found the one! This ring is beautiful, not too big, and looks fabulous. I chose it because it looks a lot like a friend's ring I've admired for years. It was her grandmother's and had been passed down for a couple of generations. The band is comfortable and the size feels true.
Price, setting, size, comfort
None that I can think of!
***** A-mazing..
by (California)
This ring is one little hot number. I'm not a fan of large & showy jewelry at all so this is very pleasing to me. It's a touch bigger than I had expected but I bought this because I wanted something to wear on special occasions. While my anniversary band is nice it's doesn't have the 'wow' factor of this ring. Curious to see how the rhodium silver holds up over time but the price is unbeatable.
Beautifully made, Gorgeous (especially in sunlight!), Believable!!
None so far.
***** Beautiful Vintage
by (San Francisco, CA)
It is a beautiful vintage ring. I was impressed with the quality as it does not look fake at all. It looks even better than the picture!
Can definitely pass for a real vintage diamond ring.
***** Everything that I hoped and dreamed
by (Chicago, Illinois)
As many people are, I was a little hesitant to pick this ring because I was afraid that it would look fake. This ring has the perfect amount of sparkle and it comes in my size 4 and it is very hard to find rings my size. I am sure we will be picking our bands from this site.
Super lightspeed delivery. Perfect sparkle. Perfect size
There is nothing that I dont dislike but I wished there was a recommended band since the ring has a rounder shape to the stones.
***** Very pretty
by (Indiana)
I ordered this ring because I loved the way it looked in the picture. I got it in the mail and was so excited! It is very dainty and pretty and looks great on my small hands. It looks real and unique without looking fake. Love the ring!!
Its unique without being fake in appearance.
Ring size runs large.
***** Can't wait to get my hands on this beauty! :)
by (The South)
I'm so happy someone finally put up another picture of this ring. It looks just beautiful!! I can't wait to get my own. I ordered mine today! I really wanted something with an antique look but under a 1 ct. center stone.Last summer I was admiring a friend of mine's engagement ring pictures. Now, comparing styles I'm 90% sure it was this exact ring!! Haha. Now I realize how she could afford such a beautiful vintage engagement ring. :)
***** LOVE this ring!
by (Texas)
This was my third ring from FJB. Technically fourth since one was a set. Anyway, this ring is so beautiful. I've lost some weight so as a reward I wanted to buy myself a smaller ring. That, plus the fact that I wear cz and silver as wedding rings now since my real set was stolen. I figured if my fingers were smaller, I couldn't get my current silver set resized, right? I thought it would probably be a month or so before I could wear it, but it would spur on my weight loss. Great excuse! I ordered this ring late on the 12th,? it shipped on the 13th, and arrived on the 18th! I didn't expect to be able to wear it right away, but I happily (snugly) can!!! I love how the center stone is a believable size, and the overall look is very realistic. It's not obviously cz and silver, and it has great sparkle. And I know that when I lose even more weight, and my ring size goes down again that I will be able to wear it on my right hand as a cocktail ring. It's perfect for both engagement and cocktail looks. I only wish they made a fitted band to go with it, but my regular pave band looks pretty, too! The band is from the emerald cut pave band set from this site, if anyone is wondering.
Believable stone and setting size, looks genuine.Beautiful design
The prongs holding the center stone are not perfectly aligned, some are taller than the others and are bent a little funny-but unless you are Really inspecting it, it's not that noticeable, so I still give the ring 5 stars.
***** Every girls dream
by (Los Angeles, CA)
My husband and I were shopping for engagement rings and could only find really expensive or ugly and little rings. I didn't like the thought of spending so much money on something that was just going to sit on my finger so we were going to get one from a pawn shop instead when I stumbled upon this website. I looked through the rings and this one caught my eye. I was worried it was going to be too big and tacky in person but it's absolutely beautiful. I get so many compliments on it. No one can tell it's a CZ and I love the fact that the band is silver since it has so many health benefits. Get this ring it's gorgeous in person you'll love it!The only problem I've had is I'm little careless sometimes (all the more reason to get this ring instead of a real one) and I somehow chipped the stone but it's ok that just means I get a new one :)
Everything it's the most beautiful ring I've seen. All my girlfriends were swooning over it.
There's nothing not to like about this ring.
***** Beautiful
by (San Antonio, TX)
Everything I expected. Beautiful ring, looks real.
Size of stones
No dislikes
***** Delightful
by (Paragould, Arkansas)
I received this ring as a promise ring for Christmas. When I open the box, it was all that I had hoped for and more.The detail and workmanship is outstanding. I love the combination of the of the stones and the way they are set. I could sit and rave about it but, you have to see it in person to truly appreciate the beauty of it. Any girl would love to have it. Will be ordering another one for my daughter. Thanks :)
It's uniqueness. The glitter. The compliments. Sits well with other rings.
There is no dislikes :)
***** love love it
by (kentucky)
its so beautiful i cant put into words.
the size,the sparkle everything
***** gorgeous
by (wyoming)
I love this ring its everything i hoped it would be.
***** Beautiful, Elegant, & Low Cost
by (Somis CA)
From the moment I put this ring on I loved it. Its beautifully made for such a low price. Loved it so much I bought another kind of ring. I will most definitely be ordering from here again. Thank you!
***** Breath Taking!
by (Ohio)
This ring is so pretty and stunning the stones look so real and the setting is breath taking. This ring was perfect for my wedding thanks again FJB!
by (Kansas City, Missouri)
I've been looking at jewelry stores all over for an engagement ring, and had found one I liked for $4,000 and had decided to buy it. Then, I happened to see this ring and fell in love with the design. My fiance ordered it just to see what it looked like and I was blown away by how pretty it was! (I was not expecting something so beautiful. I liked it better than these other rings we'd been looking at for $2000++) Now I have my dream ring AND i'll have a dream honeymoon :)
Beautifully designed and looks like the real thing....AND I don't have to worry about the ethical issues that come with buying real diamonds.
Nothing. I'm in love with this ring.
***** Stunning!
by (Cincinnati, Ohio)
The picture of this ring does not do it justice -- it is far more beautiful in person! I love love love this ring!
I like EVERYTHING about it!
NOTHING :D It is perfect!
***** I am soooo in love...
by (Huntington Harbor, CA)
I am soooo in love with this ring! I stare at it at stop lights. :)
***** OMG!! I had a ring...
by (Gulf Breeze,Fl)
OMG!! I had a ring in the past that looked JUST like this, that was the real deal!! I was hesitant when I bought this one,but thought I can always return it. But wont be happening!!!! It is beautiful!!! Looks real,PEREFCT!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!! The most beautiful thing online I have seen!!!! I wear a size 7 1/2 but since there was no half sizes I got a 7....PERFECT!! Glad I didn't get the 8!! All I can say is BUY IT!!!! I love it!!! You wont be sorry!!!!! They won't know its not real!!!!! SO HAPPY!!! Going to buy more jewelry here!!!
***** I love this ring! ...
by (West Haven, CT)
I love this ring! Looks so real! I was tired of my gold wedding set and wanted to make an economical switch. This worked!
**** This is a very stunning...
by (Archbold, Ohio)
This is a very stunning and petite ring that is just perfect all the way around! One prong on the center stone is a bit catchy though, hence the four star rating.
***** Beautiful merchandise and it was...
by (Tavernier FL)
Beautiful merchandise and it was deliverd very promptly...a nice surprise! I will be buying more from this company, for sure!
***** Absolutely stunning ring! Looks...
by (Tavernier, FL)
Absolutely stunning ring! Looks so much like my granmother's engagement ring that I wear it instead! Thank you!
***** stunning in person - love...
by (texas)
stunning in person - love the vintage style and the size of the ring is perfect i think :)
**** I thought the ring would...
by (Scranton PA)
I thought the ring would be a bit bigger, but I love the look. I feel like it's a great deal for the price its offered at because people always tell me how pretty it is. Thank you FJB
***** This is such a pretty...
by (Florida)
This is such a pretty ring. I love the vintage style to it and princess cut stone.
***** This is a very beautiful...
by (texas)
This is a very beautiful ring. It looks so close to real. A steal for the price.
**** I love this ring... it...
by (Menlo Park, CA)
I love this ring... it is beautiful and believable!! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the prongs catch on my clothing all the time.
**** This ring is a great...
by (San Francisco CA)
This ring is a great addition to my vintage style collection. It's stunning!