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Ivana's Antique Style Round Imitation Diamond Eternity Ring

Item No. R0132

Sale price: $49.95
Find the perfect band to begin your journey as a married couple from Fantasy Jewelry Box. Our Ivana antique-style round imitation diamond eternity ring is sleek and feminine, with 3 carats of round shape brilliant cut stones and the highest quality cubic zirconia. Each band is made from rhodium electroplated sterling silver, designed to shine like real platinum. Pair with your engagement ring or wear this Ivana original on its own.

Customer Reviews

***** Gorgeous Ring!
by (Tallahassee FL)
I love this ring! The "diamonds" in the band look so realistic, no one can tell they're not! It's my little secret. I can wear it separately as a wedding band, or pair it with my fancy engagement ring (also CZ!) It doesn't matter to me one bit if the two rings aren't a set; each is unique & draw attention, very classy look! Even if I'm not married to a millionaire, the ring gives the appearance that I am!
Beautiful setting, nice size stones, perfect fit.
Absolutely nothing!
***** This ring is very beautiful and true to size.
by (Columbus, OH)
This ring is very beautiful and true to size.
Very substaintial and expensive looking.
***** love!!!!
by (michigan)
had this ring over a year! and I wear it to work everyday! looks the same as when I first brought it!!
fit perfect..great size ring not to big or to small!!
**** Pretty :)
by (NYC)
I have to say I am impressed with this ring-it is a very elegant design and is a definite stand alone ring! I bought it to go along with my engagement ring and my knock off engagement ring (hey, I live in NYC!) but unfortunately it sits too high/ is thick-so it does not work well with other rings~ That is ok, because I actually enjoy wearing it just as a wedding band. The only thing that slightly bothers me is the mil grain etching around the ring--it is uneven in some places, but I just rotate the ring so it is not noticeable ~!
Looks real! nice size stones and durable
The unevenness of the mil grain etching around the ring, but you can just turn it around
**** Nice!
by (NYC)
I am very happy with this ring, it is very nice and definitely believable! The only thing I have any "issue" with is the milgrain pattern around the ring, it seems to be uneven in some places, causing a slightly distorted look-but it is not really that noticeable-and I just twist it around, so you cant see it~! Overall, I am highly pleased and recommend this ring! Also--this is a slightly thick ring (depth) and will not be perfect for pairing with daintier rings--my real engagement ring & my knockoff ring, just cannot sit high enough to even wear with this band-but it's whatever, I will just wear it alone-it holds its own for sure! :)
Real looking, Sturdy
CZ slightly "cloudy" -or rather not as brilliant-but they do sparkle in the light, so it just adds to the "realness" lol Milgrain etching is uneven in some places
***** Awesome!!
by (Los Angeles )
Received this ring in the mail 2 days ago and haven’t been able to take it off. It’s beautiful in person and the previous reviewers are correct, the pictures don’t do them justice. I wore it last night along with the earrings and you can just feel the bling. I have a ring that’s 2 ½ carats and could be a down payment for a house in Los Angeles but this ring totally stands alone to that one. I wish I would have found a few years ago. This is a great way to switch up your rings without feeling like you have to sell one of the kids. ? I wear a size 7 and my ring fits perfectly. Will definitely be buying more!
Totally looks real Fits snug
***** Nice weight
by (Rhode Island)
This band has a solid weight to it and the stones are set very nicely. A steal for the price, very happy. :D
***** Looks so real!
by (San Francisco, CA)
I've been looking for a ring to wear when travelling but knew I wanted something unique looking. At first, I wanted something similiar to my original wedding band but opted to go for something more substantial without being too gaudy. When I received the ring in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised at how real it looks and was quite impressed! It is a very beautiful ring. I highly recommend!
by (Nevada)
I love this eternity band, it_¢¬Ä‚Ñ¢s so pretty. I have been looking for a band for some time to fit well with my wedding ring for a reasonable price and I finally found it. And I must say I was not disappointed when I received it in the mail. I was shocked at how gorgeous it was in person. And the customer service were so nice to help try and figure out which one was best for my type of ring and luckily they had one similar and put some bands together to find out which went best with and help me decide on this beautiful band. Thanks FJB!