Jacqueline's Sterling Silver CZ Estate Ring
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This is a gorgeous engagement ring. It has a vintage look that we know you guys will love as well. And you can get something similar right here with our Jacqueline cz ring. A captivating diamond cz ring reminiscent of old world charm featuring a 5 Carat cz center stone encircled by 1.25 Carats of sparkling diamond cz stones. Crafted in .925 Sterling Silver and rhodium plated for the high-end look of platinum. This ring will dazzle and delight all in it's path. Prepare to be noticed!

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium Electroplated
  • 1/2 in (15mm) Wide
  • High Quality Cubic Zirconia
  • Clear
  • Princess Shape, Round Shape
  • Brilliant Cut
  • Bezel Setting, Inlaid Setting
  • 5 Carat Center Stone, 6.25 Carats Total

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Ring Sizing Chart
Determining Your Ring Size:

If you don't know your ring size, simply follow these
instructions and you will be able to determine it.

1. Cut a strip of paper no wider than 1/4" 
2. Wrap the paper snugly around your
finger and mark the paper where it meets.
3. Measure the marked length of paper
and compare it to the chart below. 

Note: If your knuckle is significantly larger than the base
of your finger, you should measure the knuckle as described
above and pick a size somewhere in between the two.
Ring Size Paper Length (in inches)
4 1 13/16
5 1 15/16
6 2 1/16
7 2 2/16
8 2 4/16
9 2 5/16
10 2 7/16
11 2 9/16
12 2 10/16
13 2 12/16
14 2 14/16