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Jessica's Fine Imitation Diamond CZ Wedding Set

Item No. RS8516


Customer Reviews

**** Lovely ring - only one negative
by (Midwest)
I really love this ring and plan to start wearing it regularly as my wedding set (my original set has a 1/3 ct diamond and I'm wanting more bling now). It is so pretty. That said, the one drawback is how the metal goes up all around the main diamond - you can't see the underside of the diamond as it's surrounded by metal. I don't like this. So, like to find a set like it, but where I can actually see the underside of the diamond.
***** This ring is absolutely beautiful
by (Massachusetts )
I have ordered 3ring sets so far though they were all beautiful I ordered the 2 carat center stones and it was to big for me it really look d fake on my finger and then I saw this ring which has a 1 carat center stone when I put it on my finger it was perfect I love it it looks so real only thing is I wish the rings came in half sizes
This ring is absolutely beautiful and looks so real jst like the real thing
I jst wish they had half sizes
***** made a mistake
by (Dallas, TX)
I didn't include the star rating. It's definitely 5:)
* Impressed
by (Dallas, TX)
I am thrilled with this set! I needed to replace my 20 yr. old set but with kids in college, etc. a new set seemed too indulgent. This was definitely the answer. I love these rings because they look impressive but not "over the top". I also have the Heda wedding set (ordered first) and although I'm keeping them, it just didn't seem like an everyday set to wear. This one is an everyday set that is truly beautiful and sparkly:) It looks realistic and we're thrilled! The company is great as well. I will be making more purchases from them.
Elegant and realistic.
***** .
by (WA)
I love this ring. I went with this style because I wanted to wear it everyday and not have it look ridiculous. I'm a stay at home Mom and typically don't want a 3+ carat ring on my finger that obviously looks fake. I've had this ring for about 3 months now and still love how it looks and the shine. The silver needs to be buffed and cleaned, but the diamonds are still clear and beautiful. I just a had a complement tonight about how sparkly it was.
A classic style and cut. Love how nicely they bands fit together. Shipping was 1 week and I live on the West Coast
I wish the silver didn't go up so high around the main diamond.
***** love the ring
by (ca)
This ring is so pretty in person i love it, this ring really is a high quality cz it shine so nice, thes stones are clear not foggy it looks so real.
***** this is the most perfict...
by (roseville ca)
this is the most perfict ring ever and fast and cute shipping costumer for life