Julie's Sterling Silver Thin Cubic Zirconia Eternity Ring


Eternity rings are a traditional and timeless design. We suggest that all women have a few different styles of them in their jewelry box. It is something that you can wear every season of every year because it will never go out of style. Need a new wedding ring? An eternity ring would also be a fabulous option. The Julie's sterling silver thin cubic zirconia eternity ring is made up of a rich and gleaming base that has been set with realistic stones. At Fantasy Jewelry Box, we only use high quality imitation diamonds because we take pride in our CZ jewelry collection. Everyone, including yourself, will think that you are wearing the real thing. This particular CZ eternity ring is inlaid with beautifully cut round stones. The total carat weight comes in at 1.25. The width of the ring is 3mm. For a simple and clean look, just wear one of these rings. When you want to give off more shine and sparkle, purchase two of them and stack them up your finger.

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium Electroplated
  • High Quality Cubic Zirconia
  • Round Stones
  • Clear Stones
  • 3mm Width
  • 1.25 Total Carat Weight
  • Inlaid Setting
    R776-S1 R776
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