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Juliet's 18k Gold Emerald Shape Imitation Diamond Solitaire Ring

Item No. R0395


Customer Reviews

** Nice ring but not for me
by (BC)
Beautiful ring but not my style. The diamond is really raised off the finger, it sits in a "bowl" like shape so it sits 7mm off the finger to give the illusion of a bigger "diamond". FJB is excellent when it comes to customer service and has exchanged my ring for something I love. So 10 stars to them but I give the ring 2 our of 5
It has a think band
The diamond really looks fake. I've seen better CZ "diamonds"
***** Stunning!
by (South Australia)
This ring looks very elegant. It is well cut and sparkles beautifully.
***** Love it..!
by (Victoria, Australia)
This is my second one I purchased to give to my girlfriend for Christmas...She loved mine so much...Thanks Fantasy Jewelry Box.....!