Women’s Larissa's Fine Princess Shape Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring Set in 8


Every woman wants that wedding ring set that makes others envious and we must say that we are in love with our Larissa style. It has a vintage inspired jewelry feel that manages to stay modern somehow. Gorgeous cubic zirconia stones are set into rich sterling silver. The main stone is a cute and perfect 1 carat stone that has a princess shape and a radiant cut. However, that's not the only sparkle that comes off of these amazing imitation diamond rings. Accenting the main stone and aligning the wedding band are more princess shaped cubic zircona stones that when combined, give off an incredible shine that is rich looking. And the best part is that even though they are imitation, they are very high quality so everyone will think that you are wearing the real thing. But have no fear, even though it is an expensive looking wedding ring set, we always keep our prices very affordable so you won't have to break the bank to get this set.

    RS1002-EWS RS1002 rs6653
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