Lucy's Sterling Silver 1.25 Ct Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Pendant
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ITEM NO. N1060

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A classic cubic zirconia solitaire pendant that will be treasured forever. Weighing in at 1.25 carats, this clear and brilliant cut cubic zirconia necklace is awe-inspiring and you'll always want to wear it near your heart. Just like the rest of our CZ solitaire jewelry collections, this piece is beautifully faceted and shines so brightly, no one will ever know it's not the real thing.

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Ring Sizing Chart
Determining Your Ring Size:

If you don't know your ring size, simply follow these
instructions and you will be able to determine it.

1. Cut a strip of paper no wider than 1/4" 
2. Wrap the paper snugly around your
finger and mark the paper where it meets.
3. Measure the marked length of paper
and compare it to the chart below. 

Note: If your knuckle is significantly larger than the base
of your finger, you should measure the knuckle as described
above and pick a size somewhere in between the two.
Ring Size Paper Length (in inches)
4 1 13/16
5 1 15/16
6 2 1/16
7 2 2/16
8 2 4/16
9 2 5/16
10 2 7/16
11 2 9/16
12 2 10/16
13 2 12/16
14 2 14/16