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Madilynn's Round Imitation Diamond Engagement Ring

Item No. R675

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Customer Reviews

***** 100 stars
by (Knightdale, NC)
My fiance and I are getting married in 2 months. We haven't had enough money to buy rings. I ordered an engagement ring set from another website and returned it the same day. It looked plastic. Then I found this website. I was scared the .75 carat would look too big, but oh no! It looks amazing! I ordered this and an enternity band from this site I wish I had found FJB sooner!!
Everything! The stones are clear, it fits perfectly, you can purchase a seperate band and it will match wonderfully.
***** Absolutely Stunning
by (Poway, CA)
The picture certainly does not do this ring justice. The band is sparkling silver and the gems gleam in any color light. My old diamond ring did not look half as good as this beauty does. I absolutely love it.
Eye catching, clear and bright gems, very "sparkley", stays in place, perfect cut
The gem is a little bigger than I would have liked which I feel gives away the fact that it is fake :/