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Marilyn's Princess Cut Imitation Diamond Promise Ring

Item No. R0365


Customer Reviews

***** still in shock!!!
by (Canada)
I waited a little for this to come and was it ever worth the wait!! So so pretty! True sizing, super glittery and it reflects light everywhere, I noticed reflections all over my car when the sun caught it! I paired it with the classic eternity band and am so happy, the contrast of different cut stones is so eye catching. I wore it into a jewelry store and compared it to platinum, can't tell the difference. Even the jeweler was stunned, Worth it worth it worth it. Thanks FJB for tolerating the repeated calls as to when it was coming. Anyone ordering this treasure will not be sorry.
Stunning, clear sparkling stones, clean finished setting. Excellent customer service.
Nothing really, just Canadian customs taking their sweet time,
***** Remaaarkable!!!!!!!
by (Cleveland, Ohio)
Got this ring on final sale, so it was a great price and it looks like I spent a ton of money on it, but I didn't. If I don't tell anyone they will never know, they will definitely be trying to figure out how I could afford this. Why should I cheat myself because others will doubt me?
Its an absolutely beautiful ring, people ask me all the time if its real, I reply with, "only if I wanna get mugged".
**** Very Pretty
by (Kansas)
This is a very pretty ring, the center stone is clear, and the side stones are a nice accent. It is very large, I didn't realize how big three carats was. It doen't looke very realistic for someone with my income, but I have come to the conculsion that I don't care if it is real or if it fake, my husband loves me very much, and we have been married longer than most of the celebrities with giant real rings, so obviously we are doing something right.
The shipping was very fast, I ordered this ring on Friday morning and recieved it when I go home from work on Monday, I did not pay for quicker shipping, just the standard 3-7 business days.
I would like the ring more if it came in a smaller carat size, it does stick up quite a bit from the finger, I am a nurse, so I do have some reservations about snagging it on clothes, or people.
***** Loving iit
by (New York)
This ring looks beyond beautiful omg that ring makes me wanna get engaged ahahaha it just too niice