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Maya's Unique Imitation Diamond Stainless Steel Wedding Ring Set

Item No. R784

Sale price: $39.95
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Customer Reviews

***** Very nice ring set
by (Alaska)
I really like this ring set. I love the look of the stainless steel and while the rings are very simple they are made in such a way that they still look very unique. The center stone is a little bigger than I would have liked; I would have preferred one carat if they sold it in that size, rather than the 1.5 carat, but it's still a very pretty, believable CZ.
***** Beautiful ring set
by (Alaska)
This is a very pretty ring set. I was looking for something to wear in place of my original wedding band and saw the stainless steel rings and thought they were really nice, plus hopefully the metal will hold up well. I like the color of the metal and the stone is very pretty, a bit bigger than I'd normally wear but looks very nice.
Pretty, simple solitaire but unique.
**** Perfect Classic
by (Scottsdale, AZ)
The center stone is a perfect size! The nice part of this set is that there is the matching band so I didn't have to search for one that would fit as I did with the Perfect Solitaire (and never could find so returned). It says that it's tilted but I do not notice a tilt at all. The stainless steele is nice too as its not as white looking as the silver. The cz is not as clear in color when I see it next to my other "fake" rings; it has a lot of rainbow coloring effect which is a clear way of indicating its fake or a really low quality diamond so that is why I gave it 4 stars. No one would really notice unless staring and examining it. It is a perfect simple yet classic set
Perfect sized center stone. Stainless Steele does not tarnish and stands up in the pool everyday.
Cz quality not as high as others