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Natalie's Sterling Silver 3 Carat Princess Cut Stud Earrings

Item No. E1495


Customer Reviews

***** Sparkle
by (Rochester,NY)
I bought these earings for a trip I am taking in 2 weeks I want to shine with jewelry and sparkle. and I got just that. Sooo impressed
***** Gorgeous!!!!!
by (Johnsonville, South Carolina)
Love like a movie star! Gorgeous!!!!
***** This company is the best!...
This company is the best! There merchandise is beautiful and classy and their Customer Service Department is exceptional! I've ordered several items from this company in the last month.
***** Seriously, these are gorgeous. My...
by (Austin, TX)
Seriously, these are gorgeous. My wife thinks they're amazing too and has shown all her friends! They'll never know - wink, wink!
**** These earrings are exactly what...
by (Biloxi, MS)
These earrings are exactly what I have been looking for. Simple, elegant and affordable.
***** These have got to be...
by (Tupelo, MS)
These have got to be one of your best selling items. They are truly elegant and have a "real" feel!