Roberta's 14k Matte Gold Open Design Cubic Zirconia Ring

Every jewelry box needs an amazing cocktail ring! This 14k gold electroplated dome ring would be perfect in that spot because it can be worn with anything and everything. The dome is made of gold strips that are inlaid with a total of .75 carats. Our imitation diamonds looks just like the real thing which is why everyone will think that this is a genuine diamond jewelry design. The cubic zirconia jewelry that we sell is fantastic because they are beautifully faceted which means that they sparkle wonderfully. These stones are all round in shape and have a brilliant cut. Slip it on whenever you want to add a bit of stylish sparkle to your ensemble. One detail that we absolutely love about this design? This ring has a matte finish which makes it look modern and so sleek. The ring measures in at 7/8 inches in width and will definitely make a great statement.

  • Brass Base Metal
  • 14k Gold Electroplated Finish, Matte Finish
  • 7/8 Inches in Width
  • High Quality Cubic Zirconia
  • Clear
  • Round Shape
  • Brilliant Cut
  • Inlaid Setting
  • 0.75 Total Carats