Women’s Sheridan's Princess Shape Platinum Finish Wedding Ring Set in 5

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Wedding ring sets have to fit the owner's own fashion style because these are jewelry pieces that you will be wearing everyday. The Sheridan style is so beautiful and glamorous. There is a regal feeling that emanates off of these cubic zirconia rings. With a rich sterling silver setting, high quality cubic zirconia stones are inlaid into them. And because of the beauty of our stones, everyone will thing that you are wearing the real thing. Trust us! The sparkles that comes off of this set is exquisite. And weighing in at a total of 6.75 carats it is a jaw dropping design. The second you slip it on you will feel so luxurious and high fashion. For those of you who just love looking chic, wear the set separately as fashion rings because they will look spectacular when paired with anything in your wardrobe. Clear and silver jewelry is always a must have for every jewelry box just for that reason.

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