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Taura's Gold Metal Asymmetrical Bangle

Item No. B808

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Plain gold jewelry never goes out of style. It is timeless, which makes it a fab thing for any woman to add to their jewelry box. Featured here is a plain gold bangle that has been given a unique twist. It's our Taura's gold metal asymmetrical bangle. This piece is made up of gold tone metal that has a lovely polish to it. You will love the way that it gleams in the light. You can wear this plain gold bangle with so many different things in your closet. It would look just as chic with a pair of skinny jeans and silk blouse, or a cute mini dress. And because our prices are affordable, you can add this piece to your jewelry box without breaking the bank. Purchase it for yourself today. We have a feeling that this design is going to fly off of the shelves. Happy shopping all you fashionistas!

  • Brass Base Metal
  • Gold Tone Finish
  • 1 Inch Width

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