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The Grace Sterling Silver CZ Ring

Item No. R5540

Trust Fantasy Jewelry Box for the latest cubic zirconia rings. Our The Grace sterling silver CZ ring has a show-stopping 2-carat princess shape center stone that will rival the most beautiful diamond rings. In addition to this center stone there are 0.5 carats of additional round shape in an inlaid setting around the band. Give your bride-to-be an affordable and luxurious The Grace sterling silver engagement ring from Fantasy Jewelry Box.

Customer Reviews

***** engagement
by (Hainesville Illinois)
I love this ring.its so perfect to replace my previous ring.its very shiney the light loves this ring . It's not to big. It compliments my finger . everywhere I go I get so many compliments.i love it.
Looks very expensive. Nice size diamond!!!!
by (Walterboro, SC)
I ask my hubby to buy this ring for me 2-3 years ago and I love it. I'm always getting compliments on it people think its the real deal and hey who am I to tell them different because it does look real. Can't wait for my new one being I had to replace it cause of normal wear and tear. If your having doubts about buying this ring don't, trust me its well worth it and them some! Oh and if you want a band to match get the Unisex Plain Sterling Silver Wedding Band Ring - 2mm that worked perfect for me cause the engagement ring itself stands alone and don't need to be out shine.
Great quality, lovely shine, haven't changed color and you can use jewelery cleaner and it doesn't damage it, looks like you spent thousands of dollars.
Corner prongs broke so cz fell out!
***** Seeing the little pink box is almost as good as tiffany's
by (California)
I got this ring 2 years ago!, It was my engagement ring, that I, myself picked out, being picky and didn't want my fiancé spending a fortune. I wore it through everything, in the water etc. NEVER tarnished, or turned my finger a different color... Unlike other reviews on competing websites. I adore this ring. Up until this year, one of the corner prongs broke slightly which made the cz fall out, But I'm pretty rough with my jewelry. I will never again shop any where else.
***** This ring is absolutely beautiful!
by (Maryland)
The title of my review says it all - this is a beautiful ring. My real engagement ring is 1.25 carats, so when I first saw this 2 carat ring, I thought it may look too big on my hand (I have small fingers). However, I love it! I bought it as a temporary replacement until I find my actual wedding set (yes lost them but I'm positive they are somewhere in my house!). Everyone who has seen this ring on my finger loves it and has no idea it is not real.
There are tons of pros - the sparkle, the shine, the color of the band, the size is realistic. It's simply beautiful.
My only negative comment is that there is not matching band. Unfortunately I have to wear it as a stand alone ring, which is not what I had intended. I bought an eternity wedding band that I thought would go well with this ring, but because the stone is set low, a band would have to have a cut-out that matches the shape of the center stone. It would have to be a custom ring, which unfortunately doesn't seem to be available.
* amazing!!
this ring is gorgeous in person!! super sparkly and very clear!!
***** unbelieveable!
by (Victorville California)
just started looking online for a promise ring for my girlfriend to shw her how much she means to me and i couldnthave cameacross a better ring! great price, her style, and its just right. hopefully it will get here soon so i can see the look on herface when i give it to her... thanks f.j.b.
shiney, clean looking, not to plain, not to overloaded, just perfect!
absolutely nothing!
***** Awesome :-)
by (Florida)
I received my ring today and when I opened up the package it was sooo pretty. My boyfriend picked and bought this ring for me and I just love it. So blessed. I really like it on my finger.
***** Just beautiful
This ring is so beautiful and sparkles so bright in the sun and in the lights.
Absolutely love it
***** Ms.
by (Atlanta, GA)
This ring is AMAZING! Bought this as a replacement after I lost my real engagement ring and didn't have the money to replace it right away. I have had more compliments on this ring then I had on my real ring. I considering buying a backup and sticking with this one for a while. I LOVE it!
Looks real but rich!
***** Gorgeous ring!!!
by (Gilbert, AZ)
I was a little concerned when ordering this ring because I'd never bought jewelry online before. I was so happy when it arrived in the mail! It's gorgeous, very sparkly and people are always looking at it and commenting on it whenever I wear it. When I first put in on, I felt the center stone was a bit too big for my size 4 fingers..but then again I never wear rings so it took some getting used to. Now that I've been wearing it on a pretty regular basis, I'm used to seeing it on and it looks beautiful and bold but somehow delicate at the same time! I love this ring!
-beautiful and sparkly -looks and feels well made -doesn't get in the way of daily activities -prompt delivery
***** Simple & Elegant
by (San Juan, CA)
Dainty but Beautiful.
Beautiful Ring. Simple & Elegant.
***** Makes me feel like a celebrity
by (CA)
I still can't believe the prize I paid for this ring, which is the #2 reason I was willing to try a 2 carat stone, the #1 being I was immediately drawn to it. The quality is amazing. The stone is a little flashy (for my taste) to wear every day, but it's perfect to wear on a night out. Don't get me wrong, the stone is not too big that it's obviously unreal, but I tend to stick to stones no bigger than 1 carat due to my small hands. Wearing this ring makes me feel like a celebrity with expensive tastes ie flashy diamonds... I wouldn't dare wear anything that looked gawdy, wich this isn't... it's perfect to wear when I need something to make me feel special.
the quailty, shine, look and prize
eventhough I mention in my review that the stone is a little flashy for my taste to wear every day, it's only because my hands are on the small size so anything above 1 carat tends to stand out more... but I knew when puchasing it that it would be a little flashier than I'm used to. I'm glad I ventured out of my comfort zone, because a little flashy is perfect for those nights I feel like I need just a tad more to help make me feel sassy. ;)
***** very pretty!
by (Marion, Ohio)
I have been looking at this ring for quite a while. I tried to order it a few weeks ago, but it was on an 8 week backorder. I love love love the way this ring sits on the hand and how bright the stones look in the photos! Eventually, this will be a purchase I make. I adore FJB!
***** The Perfect Ring
by (Ohio)
I love this ring the stones are super clear. I think this ring is just so perfect I_¢¬Ä‚Ñ¢ve been looking for something like this for some time and I finally found one. Thanks FJB I couldn_¢¬Ä‚Ñ¢t be any happier than I am with this ring. :)
***** I got this ring over...
by (T,MA)
I got this ring over a year ago and it hasn't tarnished or lost it's luster! I can do dishes and everything else with this ring on! I love it! I would definitely recommend it!!!!
**** hello i have been looking...
by (new york)
hello i have been looking at this ring for some time now and i really want to purchase i must say this is a beautiful ring.
***** I JUST recieved this ring...
by (Cincinnati, OH)
I JUST recieved this ring in the mail, and I can't stop staring at it! I was a little skeptical at first, but I will be ordering again from this website! This ring is absolutly beautiful!
by (new jersery)
***** all i can say wow
by (new york)
all i can say wow
**** very pretty ring, stone could...
by (oklahoma city, ok)
very pretty ring, stone could be a bit smaller, but it's a wonderful everyday ring. I was amazed at the clarity of the stone, it shines much prettier than another princess cut ring that I paid four times as much for.
***** I thik this ring is...
by (brooklyn ny)
I thik this ring is just beautiful it looks so real and i am thinking about purchasing it
**** The ring I ordered looked...
by (Morrisville PA 19067)
The ring I ordered looked great! My only regret I tried to measure my finger as their instructions indicated and when I order the size I came up with it was much too big! I took the tag off the ring before trying it (Stupid) and therefore I can not send it back. "So do not remove tag before fully inspecting & trying the item".
**** I really love this ring,...
by (Overland Park, KS)
I really love this ring, It's very pretty and i get complemented on it all the time! The only reason I am giving it a 4 instead of a 5 is because the main stone is a little too big to seem real especially on a 20 year old like myself! I paired mine with the Mariah's sterling silver round cut eternity band,i got one for each side and while the ring fit well the eternity bands seem to run a bit smaller. I plan on exchanging them for one size larger.
Such a gorgeous ring, picture...
by (St.Louis)
Such a gorgeous ring, picture doesn't do it justice. Very happy with the entire purchase process. Speedy delivery!
**** I was looking for a...
by (West Hills CA)
I was looking for a cute everyday ring, and I came across the Grace Ring and fell in love. Unfortunately, my package was delivered to the wrong address, and I was upset about this. However, their customer service offered to send a replacement shipping it I didnt receive it by the end of the month. I thought this was very kind act. Thankfully the person who received my package forwarded it to me so I cancelled the replacement package.All in all their jewelry is beatiful, affordable, and they have awesome customer service representatives.Id definitely continue buying from Fantasy Jewelry Box. =0)
***** You have NO IDEA how...
by (Los Angeles, CA)
You have NO IDEA how many compliments I get on this ring. People think it's real and constantly want a better/closer look at it. It's the ring that makes people jealous, hopeful and passionate about love all in one breath. Seriously.
***** this ring is absolutely stunning....
by (GA)
this ring is absolutely stunning. it looks so real and looks more beautiful in person.
***** Okay I've had this ring...
by (Cudahy, CA)
Okay I've had this ring for almost 2 1/2 years I wear it everyday I Love it. It looks so real everyone always comments how pretty it is. I wear to swim with, garden and it washes really well with soap and water best buy ever
**** I absolutely love the ring....
by (Bushnell, FL)
I absolutely love the ring. I only wish I could find the same ring w/ a 1 carat center stone.
by (Bushnell, FL)
***** When i got this ring...
by (Delaware,Ohio)
When i got this ring i looked at it for at least 5 minutes before i put in on.. it is such a beautiful ring.. im in love!
***** This ring is absolutely beautiful!...
by (Palm Springs, California)
This ring is absolutely beautiful! I thought it was going to be too big, but it's just right. Great buy!
**** very nice :o)
by (Illinois)
very nice :o)
**** Stone a little big, but...
by (Muncie, In)
Stone a little big, but very pretty
***** Beautiful stone! Looks so real!
by (Birmingham, AL)
Beautiful stone! Looks so real!