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The Perfect Solitaire Ring

Item No. R2060

A 1.5 carat brilliant-cut stone selected from the highest-quality cubic zirconia available. The band’s 2mm width is just thick enough to make a statement but thin enough to maintain this ring’s delicate and feminine look. Each band’s sterling silver is rhodium electroplated to prevent damage caused by wear and tear.

Customer Reviews

***** Absolutely stunning!
by (Texas)
This wasn't my first purchase from FJB, and it definitely wont be my last. The "Perfect Solitaire Ring" is brilliant, absolutely stunning! It does look a tad bit larger than I thought a 1.5 ct would look, but its definitely an eye catcher. It does look believable, and its set beautifully. The rhodium plating makes the silver look shiny and flawless. I purchased this ring and paired it with the Miranda eternity band, and they are a perfect set. I have a real 1 carat solitaire, and this one outshines and outsparkles my real one. I work for a bank, so people are always watching my hands and commenting on how my husband "sure does love me" and that I "must be well taken care of" by my husband....this is the truth, however, he did not have to spend a fortune on me this time around! Dont get me wrong, i love my real ring, but for the price, i honestly wouldn't have minded just having this ring!
Beautifully finished metal, sparkly stone, really eye-catching
The stone is just a teeny bit larger than expected, but its not a deal breaker.
***** The Perfect Solitaire
by (Australia)
This is absolutely stunning!! Beautiful design and super sparkly. It definitely passes as a diamond. Thank you very much!
***** Beautiful!
by (Ga)
This ring is beautiful! It is a bit large. Seems larger than 1.5 ct. My engagement ring is 1 ct with pave band. (1.5 ct total). I think I will just need to get used to the larger size, but overall I am very pleased.
***** Amazing!!
by (Massachusetts)
This matches my original engagement ring perfectly! Unfortunately, I lost that while on vacation and we just haven't had the money to replace it, so when I saw this, I figured I'd give it a shot. The thing came while my (now) husband was at work and I was blown away with the look. I figured it might just be me being a little over excited to have a ring back on my finger but when I showed it to him he couldn't believe it wasn't real. My mother-in-law thought it was an anniversary ring, again, she was totally blown away when I told her the truth!! Great look, great shine, and a perfect size, even for my small fingers! There is definitely a reason why this ring is called "The Perfect Solitaire" Ring!
Color, clarity, sparkle, stone size!
My only concern is going to be trying to keep the metal clean and looking good! I don't want it to tarnish at all!
***** The Perfect Solitare Ring
by (San Francisco Bay Area, CA)
Great ring. I agree with some of the other recent reviewers that it does look larger than a 1.5 ct ring. I bought this and an eternity band to wear until my regular wedding set fits me again (and I lose a little weight). This is definitely believable. I would be hesitant to go any larger than a 1.5 ct in the CZ rings (my wedding ring solitare is a 1.5 ct) as the stone is so clear and so white that it starts to make it not believable. Just my opinion. But the setting is beautiful and the CZ prongs are sturdy - no movement at all. Very happy and would purchase again.
Low price for a beautiful and believable ring. Love that it is sterling silver under the rhodium overlay.Excellent craftsmanship.
Not really a con, but be aware that it seems to run a little bit small. So, if you are between sizes, I recommend going up to the next size and not down.
***** Very nice.
by (Pennsylvania)
This ring is like I said, very nice. The stone is a little bigger than I anticipated, but it is still very much believable. I have a real diamond ring, but bought this because I like to switch up styles, without paying thousands of dollars. This is great quality, I am very pleased with this purchase.
***** Perfect
by (Scottsdale, AZ)
This ring is absolutely gorgeous! Love it as it is simple, classic and looks elegant on my hand. The center stone is a perfect size. Only con is that I can not find a band that will sit flush with it.
Perfect, just like the name of it
Can't find a band that matches up with it
* Perfect
by (Scottsdale, AZ)
This ring is absolutely gorgeous! Love it as it is simple, classic and looks elegant on my hand. The center stone is a perfect size. Only con is that I can not find a band that will sit flush with it.
Perfect, just like the name of it
Can't find a band that matches up with it
* Perfect name for the perfect ring
by (Tampa, Florida)
I saw this ring and it was it! the one I always wanted to have and knew I was going to get this one no matter what. It is beautiful and simple just the one because it it is my style.
The pros are definitely it is truly the perfect solitaire ring.
I can think of no cons with the ring as the price also is absolutely wonderful.
***** The best
by (Orange ca)
I have had my ring for about 1month and I still love it. Only my family knows its a cz, no one has yet to question me I would not hesitate to tell them yes it's a cd and then the truth about conflict and blood diamond I will never own a diamond knowing the truth about them. I love my ring!
***** Lovely
by (Austin, TX)
This is just a lovely ring, full of sparkle and color. I am thrilled with it, thank you very much!
Doesn't sit too high Sparkly white stone Nice band, not too thin Comfortable to wear
None that I've found
***** Nice Ring!
by (New York)
I ordered this ring with the simple eternity band as an alternate wedding set. It is beautiful! A little bit bigger than I had expected, but such a pretty ring!
***** Beautiful
by (Cleveland)
I love this ring, which I purchased to wear on vacation in place of my diamond wedding jewelry. It has a substantial weight and feel, which adds to its appearance of authenticity. It's a large stone, but not ridiculously so. I ordered the Mariah eternity band to wear with it, which is the right height to pair with it and looks lovely. I initially ordered the plain 2mm sterling silver band to wear with it, but it didn't sit right with this ring -- it was "flatter" and sat much lower than the Tiffany, so it looked wrong. I would say this ring runs true to size (I got it in a 5), and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a quality faux diamond solitaire.
It's a stunner!
***** Ms.
by (Los Angeles)
I actually had to get a ring, due to a stalking situation. It is such a genuine looking ring, that he even asked me when the wedding was. It is such a gorgeous ring, and looks very realistic.
I glitters in pretty much any light. Very believable!
***** LOVE!
by (Roseville,CA)
I love the Tiffany Solitaire Ring!! The reason I purchased it is so I can see if a 1.5 carat diamond would be too big on my finger.. it's not! Now I know what size diamond I want when it's time to purchase the real thing :)
I ordered a size 5 but it's a little big and I know a size 4 would be too small.. I wish this came in 1/2 sizes because I know a 4.5 would fit perfectly.
***** Simple
by (MN)
This ring is beautiful-perfect size too! I have purchased rings from FJB and this one and the Lindsey set are my favorite so far! Both have held up very nice! I also purchased a eternity band to wear with it and they look great together !
Believable and simple !
***** Realistic!
by (Minneapolis)
This is a very realistic-looking ring. I have a 1.5 round diamond ring set in gold, but I wanted one to match my silver jewelry. I am very happy with it.
Realistic looking.
***** perfect
by (Ohio)
I love this ring it_¢¬Ä‚Ñ¢s simply beautiful. I_¢¬Ä‚Ñ¢ve been look for a ring like this for some time that was in my price range and this was perfect and you can_¢¬Ä‚Ñ¢t even tell that its imitation jewelry.
***** This ring is very impressive!...
by (Elk Grove, CA)
This ring is very impressive! I wear it everyday and it looks like a real diamond. Easy ordering and fast delivery. I love it!!
by (Portage, MI)
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS RING!! I bought it because I didn't want my future husband to buy me an engagement ring, much rather take a trip:)It is perfect, I am now married and I have a band with real diamonds and this rings compliments it perfectly and SO BELIEVABLE!!! THANK YOU....I whave already ordered a couple extras just as back up. But i dont think I will need I will need it.
**** It was my side purchase...
by (CA)
It was my side purchase and surprisingly it turned out to the best one of all!
***** This ring is just perfect!...
by (Ohio)
This ring is just perfect! I bought it as a stand-in for my wedding set for travel and for a change of pace. I was happy with the price and thrilled with what I got for the money. For me, the 1.5 carat size is just right--just big enough to stand out, but not so large that it seems faux. I love this ring and am happy with my purchase.
***** I have just received my...
by (Canada)
I have just received my ring and its beautiful , I love it do not hesitate for the price its worth the gamble....but you will not be dissapointed
***** I bought this ring in...
by (Houston, Texas)
I bought this ring in place of my real wedding ring. A co-worker noticed my ring and said how beautiful She compared the same type of ring which she paid $12,000 to mine and I just Smiled. SOOOO BEALIVEABLE!!!!!
***** This ring is very simple,...
by (Orange Co, CA)
This ring is very simple, but looks really good on. I put 1 additional band on each side to thicken the look. I love it.
***** This is really nice, It's...
by (Orange County, Ca)
This is really nice, It's an eye catcher, I love it.
***** WOW! This ring is an...
by (California)
WOW! This ring is an eye catcher. At first I thought it was to big, but the more I wear it, the more I love it. I have small hands and fingers so it's really noticeable. Thank you.
***** This ring is GORGEOUS! I...
by (North Babylon, NY)
This ring is GORGEOUS! I bought to replace my own ring while traveling...I'm terrified of losing the real thing. This ring is the perfect replacement at an amazing price!
***** AMAZING, VERY sparkly. I get...
by (Brooklyn, NY)
AMAZING, VERY sparkly. I get lots of compliments. I LOVE it.
***** This ring is GORGEOUS! ...
by (Columbus, OH)
This ring is GORGEOUS! The perfect believable size. The stone is outstanding quality and clarity. I own diamonds and most cannot compare to this one. The rhodium plating makes the setting look exactly like platinum. EXTREMELY pleased -- and the price is ridiculous -- a steal!
***** Beautiful ring- looks like a...
by (Boston, MA)
Beautiful ring- looks like a real diamond!
**** LOVELY!
by (burney, ca)
***** I LOVE this ring. ...
by (Harrisburg, PA)
I LOVE this ring. It's perfect, it's beautiful and the price was amazing!! This is my favorite website now, I'll be ordering more from you soon!
***** Ordering is simple and easy....
by (Torrance, CA)
Ordering is simple and easy. The prices are unbelieveable!
***** I LOVE IT!!!! :)
by (Chicago, IL)
I LOVE IT!!!! :)
***** This ring is the perfect...
by (Connecticut)
This ring is the perfect size stone for a solitaire. It goes with absolutely everything I wear and I can't believe the price! Very impressed! I also recommend the princess cut solitaire. I own both! :)