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Tori's Vintage Style Replica Engagement Ring Set

Item No. RS8517

Sale price: $53.95
Our rhodium electroplated sterling silver set looks just like platinum but at a fraction of the cost. The engagement ring features a 1.25 carat round cubic zirconia center stone with gorgeous smaller round shape diamonds along the sides of the ring. Its matching band curves along the center stone for a perfect fit.

Customer Reviews

**** Beautiful but...
by (Iowa)
This ring is very beautiful. The only thing I was disappointed by was how the CZ shines.. on a lot of high quality CZ you can't tell a difference between fake and real. On this ring, it has a rainbow shine which makes it noticeably fake.
Intricate detail, very beautiful, center stone looks great
***** Impressed
by (Fresno, CA)
I wanted a ring that looked good and could pass for being at least very pretty.. I never expected that it would look real!? My boss almost came unglued and wanted to know how much. I couldn't stop laughing.. It doesn't look like everything is diamond but for the first time EVER I couldn't tell it was CZ.. I'm super happy! *TAKE NOTE* This ring runs small. Almost true to size to the point you need to order one size up to ensure it fits.
Sizing is tight, really delicate (could get banged up)
***** tori's vintage style replica engagement ring set
Absolutely gorgeous! I am tickled to death with the set! My husband loves it and we think it is one of the most beautiful that we have looked at! We decided not to go into debt for our rings and get something practical and I am so happy that we did!
It looks totally real! Not too large. Saved us alot of money and you honestly can't tell it is not real
***** LOVE IT!
by (Tennessee)
I recieved my rings about a week ago....Absolutely love them...I ordered two sets because I wanted to have the wedding bands om both sides of the engagement ring and I love it....It works shipping...everyone gives me compliments....Very affordable and if anything happens to one ring I have the other as back'm getting married in May and can't wait to have the complete set on my finger...
Looks real...Beautiful
None that I can find!
***** Wow.....
I have ordered many rings and ring sets from this site, have never written a review, but I had to express exactly how beautiful they all are. They are all different styles but all gorgeous. The Tori is particularly beautiful with exquisite details and stunning shine. When I receive one it is always even more beautiful than the previous one received. I realize that there isn't really one style I am attracted to because at this point they are all MY STYLE. Good work guys. Will definitely keep adding to my collection....and as you already know, I already have. a pretty good collection ......
Simply stunning
None whatsoever!!!
***** Love Love Love
by (Pennsylvania)
Have not taken this ring off since I got it yesterday. Intricate carvings make this ring unique. This is my 4th purchase but was the first ring that caught my eye when I discovered this sight. I now understand why I kept going back to it. It is an amazingly gorgeous ring. I love each set that I have purchased but this set with its vintage look has me not being able to remove it from my finger. I will continue to buy. Thank you FJB for making it possible to have different styles and such amazing quality.
Amazingly quick shipping. Received in 2 days.
***** WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
by (Marion,In)
At first I was sceptical, but after opening the box to find this amazing ring. Oh goodness. I'm so impressed and yes people have no idea that it is not real. Heck I dont think I believe its fake. We are trying to buy a home right now so crazy money for an engagement ring right now just wasnt ideal. Plus the fact that he wants to marry me is the most important. Cant wait to wear the band when we get married. Wish I could get another band for the other side. I kinda think it looks incomplete. But I LOVE IT!
Amazing shine and very realistic. Not too big, not too small
Would like to be able to purchase another band.
***** toris vintage style replica engagement ring wet
by (Georgia (GA))
WOW That was my first response when I opened that little package today. I absolutely love them. They are sparkly and shiny and look so expensive They feel great on my finger and I love the vintage look. I will be shopping here for future purchases. Very happy customer.
They look like the real thing. Shiny and sparkly. True vintage look and feel to these rings.
**** everyone assumes its real..
I'm open about this being cz and people are always shocked when they find out, this ring is beautiful and very sparkly. so many women have complimented me on this sying they would have never guessed it wasn't the real thing, even with its large size. however one of my accent stones in the band is askew and that bothers me.
looks real, very pretty
large center stone, sloppy accent work
**** Holds up beautifully!
by (Indiana)
I have worn this ring set EVERY day for over a year now and it has held up beautifully! Because it is actual silver you can (or atleast I have) use jewelry cleaner on it and it shines up very nicely. After a year it will still sparkle when the light hits it and I don't take it off hardly at all. So it goes in dirty dish water and it gets funky when I'm cooking and cleaning. The only thing I have noticed with it is the top stone will scuff up but you can really only see it at certain angles. Also, if you wear it swimming in a super chlorinated pool (I had this happen at the YMCA but not in our pool at home) it will look completely dull and tarnished. Honestly it upset me when this happened. Before I replaced it I put it in jewelry cleaner (the stuff I use comes in a red container and has a little brush and tray with it that all fit inside the container) and brushed it and all the discoloring came off of it with very little effort.
Very affordable and well made. You (or most people that look at it) can't tell its not real. I have gotten SO many compliments on it.
When I first got it and put it on it felt really big, like the band thickness felt awkward between my fingers, but I got used to it and after a few days you don't even notice. Because it is two rings and they are not connected they do like to rotate away from each other sometimes so I find myself twisting them back in alignment alot but its not a huge deal either.
***** Wow
by (Prince Edward Island, Canada)
Just received my ring today! I'm beyond speechless! Totally exceeded my expectations. I love the color and the cut! It's perfect.
A beautiful ring at an affordable price! Sparkles like a true diamond!
***** .
by (East Rutherford, NJ)
This is a beautiful and believable ring. I love the intricate vintage style and the way it sparkles. Would recommend for someone who wants this as an everyday ring that can be passed of as the real thing
The craftsmanship and detail, size of the diamonds
Reflection is a little rainbow colored to reveal it as a fake
**** Beautiful, good quality
by (New Jersey)
I love this ring! It's not like the huge fake looking rings offered here. It's beautifully crafted and the CZ sparkle nicely. Would recommend for people who are looking for nice understated ring set they want to pass of for the genuine thing.
***** WOW!!!
by (Indiana)
After my kids lost my original set a few months ago I was really upset! We couldn't afford a genuine replacement, and then I found this site. I ordered this ring and am stunned speechless! It looks better than I thought it would! I think I may actually like this one better than the one my kids lost! I've only had it for a few days, so time will tell how well it holds up to everyday wear, but so far I am happier than I expected to be. Well worth the price!
Very affordable, Great sparkle, Beautiful ring!
***** first class
by (las vegas, new mexico)
WOW!!! You need to see these rings. I received the rings and opened up the package and wow they are so beautiful. My fiance fell in love withe them as soon as she saw them and both of our families think we spent a couple of thousands of dollars on them but we didn't. Good price.
The look of style and how real it looks.
**** When the ring came it...
by (Newport, KY)
When the ring came it looked absolutely stunning. The diamonds looks real and they shine! The detail in the ring is outstanding. I wear a five and it is a bit big on my finger. I don't know if it was the best pick for me but at these prices I can always buy another and switch it up. I bought a band for my husband and he loves it. The free 1 carat earrings that came look great but it would be great if the backs came screw on to make them look more authentic. All in all, I enjoy my purchase!!!