Women’s Unisex 2mm 14K Gold Stainless Steel Wedding Band in 11

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Our stainless steel unisex wedding band is so traditional and classic. It is plated with a rich 14K gold. The hue is absolutely luxurious. For more wedding day ideas, be sure to browse our extensive men's rings selection and our stunning women's eternity bands collection. 

  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • 14K Gold Plated
  • 2mm
    MR1153-JG R08037GV-V00-05 R08037GV-V00-06 R08037GV-V00-07 R08037GV-V00-08 R08037GV-V00-09 R08037GV-V00-10 R08037GV-V00-11 R08037GV-V00-12
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