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Veronica's Antique Style Replica CZ Wedding Ring Set

Item No. RS8515

Sale price: $57.95
Find the perfect wedding and engagement ring set to showcase your love for antique and retro styles from Fantasy Jewelry Box. Our Veronica’s antique-style set has a gorgeous 0.75 carat center stone set in intricately designed bands with an additional 0.5 carats of the highest quality cubic zirconia. The princess shape center stone is hugged by round brilliant-cut gems on both sides to make each band sparkle.

Customer Reviews

***** Thank you FJB!!!
by (Texas)
I wait for a while before I usually do a review due to the fact I'm so hard on things I buy. I put this ring set on my hand almost 4 years ago now and it's still as beautiful as the day I bought it. It has maybe left my hand 4 times a year and unlike the other diamonds and expensive jewelry I've owned it's still in one piece. Def. worth the buy and price! Thank you FJB!!!
Lightweight, durable, people never guess it's not real, and just plain beautiful!
***** AMAZING quality, nobody knows it isn't real!!!
by (Cincinnati, OH)
My fiancé and I had been looking for a replacement for my engagement ring (we've been engaged for 3 years and I gained weight, so it just wasn't fitting anymore) when I happened upon FJB. I was SO excited that they had so many rings to choose from in the larger sizes and I finally decided on this one. It came super quick and as soon as I opened the box I was in love! It was even more beautiful than my original engagement ring and there was no possible way to tell they weren't real diamonds. If you're looking for a truly unique, dainty ring with exceptional detail, this is your ring! I've had it for a year and a half and it's still in beautiful shape. I've worn it every day doing dishes, scrubbing the floor, and even during work on our farm! You won't go wrong choosing the "Veronica"!
Dainty look, even on a size 10 finger Detail is amazing and truly looks antique Beautiful shine, no one will ever question its authenticity Fantastic price for the quality Really stands up to wear & tear! The wedding band and engagement ring fit together uniformly
The wedding band that comes with it has a cut out or divot for the princess cut stone on the engagement ring so they fit together. Unfortunately for anyone planning to wear this as anything other than a wedding set, you will be disappointed. Also, just be warned that if you plan to have a long engagement and are saving the wedding band for your big day, the silver on the engagement ring will be slightly less lustrous than the wedding band after some significant wear. I've never had mine really cleaned or polished but I imagine it would shine right back up to match the wedding band.
***** this ring is great!
by (Hayden, al)
I had purchased a 200 platinaire ring and it would tarnish and look awful after the first week. I got it dipped several times no results. My friend ordered from this site so I decided to take a look. I LOVE this ring set! It doesn't look fake its not to gaudy the designs on the outside are gorgeous and I like it MORE then the 200 dollar ring that I purchased. So far no hasn't turned my finger green. Nothing. Absolutely no complaints! Highly recommend this ring! Its even baby and dishes proof. It handles the rough and tough jobs! I don't think I'll ever even switch to a real one.
Lightweight, durable, not guady, beautiful sides, fits well together
The wedding band has a divet that makes it to were you can't wear it alone without the engagement ring. Which is fine but I'd like the option
***** Well worth the money
by (missouri)
I had shopped many sites over a few months to replace my wedding ring that got lost.. I found this one which I actually loved MORE than my real one.. I was worried it would be very gawdy looking or immediately noticable it is unreal.. and I'm amazed at the quality and real look to it.. It's beautifully proportioned! I've already recieved TONS of compliments and even my husband (my biggest critic) was shocked at how beautiful it was.. I did order the wrong size and was worried about being able to size it but my local jewelry store sized it with no problem, and saudered it.
Very good quality for the price. Definitely loving my decision!
None as of yet.
**** Veronica's antique ring is stunning
by (Connecticut)
I really love the ring. I don't want to spent to much on a ring. But I want something elegant and antique at the same time. For a real diamond ring like this you've would spent a lot of money. I prefer to spent that money on my honeymoon in Greece. This ring looks so real. I've receive a lot of compliments.
It's really sparkly and looks real. I love it!
Feels bulky the first time you wear it. But then fits fine :)
**** 1
by (South West)
Very beautiful ring. The stone shines clear and bright unlike many other CZ stones I have seen. I ordered a size 5 and it's a little bigger than I'd like it to be. If you have the patience I recommend looking up the ring sizer chart on the bottom left of the page to ensure a better fit. Will be ordering a back up in the near future.
Just as beautiful as the picture if not more.
No half sizes.
***** .
by (colorado)
i love, love,love this ring, very beautiful ring. this site is a girls best friend!
very sparkly!
wish there was half sizes, i am a 5.5 and ordered a 6 and its a tad to big
***** THIS ring is lovely
i love everything about this ring. i bought it and it's fab
**** I love this ring
by (Houston, TX)
Its very sparkly and I get plenty of compliments. Will be buying a backup set soon in case this one begins to look old. It took a couple days to get used to the width of the band but it's quite comfortable now.
It's beautiful!
I only wish the main stone was cut with more facets. The sparkle is there but it looks like a low quality diamond.
***** Exceeding my expectations
by (Tampa, Florida)
We bought this ring for our upcoming wedding. I am not much of a jewelry person so never wanted to spend tons of money on diamonds and gold. I just wanted something pretty and simple for the wedding, especially for the wedding pictures. This ring came in the mail yesterday and I am amazed! It looks even better in person than it does in the pictures!! It is absolutely stunning! I cannot say enough good things about this ring and cannot wait for my wedding day so that I can show it off!! The engagement ring looks great alone but the set together is perfection! Just be advised that the band is cut out so that the two rings fit perfectly together, which for me is great because I want to wear them as a set...however if you are looking to be able to wear the band alone, this set will not work for that.
Everything....this ring is amazing!
None so far!
***** Beautiful!
by (dallas, texas)
Love this set! Sparkles beautifully and is just the right size to be believable. Not too gaudy.
The only draw back is I think it is wider than I would like. However, I have thin fingers so this may not be a problem for everyone. Overall though well worth it!
***** Beautiful!
by (Arkansas)
I was honestly skeptical at first to buy this because I wanted to use it as a 'spare' ring for everyday use and traveling and wanted to pass it off as my 'real' ring. And I have to say it looks like I would have paid thousands for this! I side by side compared it do my princess cut diamond from Kays and it looks exactly alike! I couldn't see the difference! The stones are perfectly in place and the shine is so beautiful! Thank you for the great value and superb product! 5 stars without a doubt!
***** Love This Ring
by (New Jersey)
My now fiance proposed to me last Christmas with this ring. I absolutely love it! I can't wait to wear the matching ring on my wedding day. I have received many compliments on how gorgeous it is. I will also buy my fiance's ring from here. Loved the service.
Shiny, easily fools people.
***** Love it! Everything I expected...and more!
by (Ridgeway, VA)
My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversay on November 18, 2010 and this was the gift I got. It took my breath away. When my husband started to apologize for it "not being real," I immediately shushed him and told him I loved it! I am an Extension Agent I am constantly digging in the dirt, examining tree bark and roots, and other such things, and this set is perfect as it is not too large, but just right, and I don't have to worry about loosing yet another diamond at work. And the icing, is the CZs look just like real ice. I have already worn it out and received numerous compliments and compliments have been given to my husband for a job well done. No one knows the set isn't real! Beautiful, sparkly and, well, just perfect.
Looks realWell made
Worried about oxidation in the future
***** Absolutely stunning!
by (St. Louis, MO)
I lost my diamond from my wedding ring and did not have the funds for replacement, but I like to display a wedding ring at all times as a sign of comittment to my husband. At this time in my life I am trying not to get caught up with the "love of things" , the purchase of this set furthers my comittment to focus on what is really important. I love my new wedding set and have already received many compliments. My order was shipped so quickly -- I had it sized and was wearing it within a week.
by (California)
This is a fabulous ring! The band goes so well with it and the stones are so pretty. Looks very real.
***** gorgeous
by (Waynesboro, Ga)
this was the first set i bought from fjb and i loved it i got so many compliments on it
really sparkles easy to clean does not show scratches
***** No telling its a fugazy!
by (Sacramento California)
This ring that has 1 full ct at Sam's Club here in Sacramento its worth 2500. See pic below. A full ct is too big even if it is real, it just looks silly unless you are uber rich. I went into the club and compared the two and this ring is shinier, that's about the only difference. I also bought a 500$ ring from Sears and see the comparison below, you cant tell which one is real and which one isn't, my sister couldn't and neither could a friend of mine, so the sears ring is going back and I am Loving the Fugazy! I am so proud that I have told a few trustworthy people its fake but they are impressed. I know that once I have a wedding band I wont be wearing this as much, I wanted it for our engagement period so that when I just wear the band I don't have a ring worth 2k sitting in a drawer. Love the name of the ring too and that is the name of one of my children, after I saw that I knew it was meant to be. And it is! I will Def buy from here again.
That is looks just like the real one without the Fat price! Yay! It looks real, its so gorgeous and I don't have to worry about losing 2k, if I lose it, I buy another and it wont hurt so bad.
The band and ring don't quite fully fit together, there is a teeny gap, maybe I am being silly BUT the ring is just as the picture shows with the teeny gap but the ring is way better than pictured! Other than that which is nothing there is Nothing I dislike, this ring is HOT!
***** beautiful vintage ring!
by (green bay, wi)
This ring is beautiful! I love the vintage look to the ring! Though I have to admit I prefer round over princess cut stones in a ring. It is well made and believable.
**** cannot wait!
by (new jersey)
I ordered this item in a size 5. and the ring is more than amazing! i did however need a size smaller making it a size 5. i ordered a size bigger taking one of the lady's advice in the reviews below, however i was just order the correct size you know you are. And if anyone is ordering a size 4 i was informed that FJB had issues with their manufacuter and there will be a delay on any size 4 rings for another 1-2 weeks. I just wish i could get it sooner to avoid replanning anything. the pictures do not give this ring the elegance it holds. i just cant wait!
its beautiful
i have to wait longer then the web said i would.
***** The picture does not do...
by (Decatur, IL)
The picture does not do the ring justice; it is a beautiful piece of jewelery!! I will def wear it & I am very pleased. I wear a size 6 but this ring is smaller than my others which isn't a problem just order a size bigger than what you think you wear! Oh and my ring was here in 3 days from ordering!!! I will def be a customer forever!
***** I ordered this set today...
by (NC)
I ordered this set today to wear in place of my real wedding set (a genuine \"store with the light blue box\" special collection 1ct platinum solitaire and platinum band) which is irreplaceable and worth quite a few thousand dollars. I like to go out but don't like worrying about losing my genuine set or having it stolen. After seeing the pictures and reading the testimonials, I believe that this set may rival the beauty of my real engagement ring and wedding band. I ordered 2-3 day shipping and I can't wait for it to arrive! If it's as beautiful as it is in the pictures (or even more so as someone said) as well as durable and lasting, you've got yourself a new faithful, lifelong customer.
***** It's great dosent look like...
by (Phoenix AZ)
It's great dosent look like a big fake ring it really looks real and thats the point!
***** I love this ring! I...
by (Eaton, OH)
I love this ring! I had ordered from another site, and the set was cheap looking, and I had to return it. This ring from this site is so beautiful and real looking. If you are sitting on the fence with this one, go for it! You will not be disappointed. Looks great on small hands. Love it, did I say that already:)
***** Love this set! So much...
by (LA)
Love this set! So much more beautiful in person that on the site. Just the right size to be believable. Everyone that sees it compliments me on it. Perfect for the lady on a budget... but with big dreams!
***** This ring is awesome. I...
by (Green Bay, Wi)
This ring is awesome. I just got it in the mail and its gorgeous. I got it to replace my other ring because the diamond fell out and now Im just going to wear this one cause its beautiful. Thank you so much FJB.
by (FL)
***** Love this ring. everyone who...
by (Chicago, IL)
Love this ring. everyone who sees it, exclaims, \"oh! a platinum engagement ring\" It is a fooler, and I am pleased to wear this set as my wedding set. I cannot fathom the foolishness of buying into the diamonds are forever trap. more like \"the debt is forever\" ha ha!