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Cocktail Rings

Big, bold and fabulous, we are addicted to our stunning cocktail rings. Cocktail ring have a special place in our hearts because they pack a huge punch of style in just one piece of jewelry. Whenever you want to add an extra "oomph" to your overall look, a great cocktail ring will do just that for you. The hardest part will be just picking one of our designs though. But since we sell cheap cocktail rings, cheap in price, not in quality, why not purchase a few so that you have something to wear with all of your outfits? Even fashion editors at the top fashion magazine agree with us. Publications like Good Housekeeping, Glamour, People StyleWatch and InStyle have all featured us on their pages for our affordable and pretty jewelry. Here are some of our style suggestions. For a cocktail ring that you can wear with any ensemble, buy a plain gold cocktail ring or a sterling silver rings. Because of their neutral hues, you will be able to wear them with literally everything in your wardrobe. Want a glamorous accent? Snag a clear, imitation diamond solitaire ring for yourself. The sparkle will be intense and with every move that you make it will glitter. If you are looking for a fun accent, slip on one of our animal rings. Wouldn't an octopus ring or giraffe ring be so endearing? A leopard cocktail ring or panther cocktail ring would be super sexy. Cocktail rings also are fantastic for adding pops of color to your outfit. Choose from bright pink rings, rich red ones, deep sapphire blues cocktail rings and pretty much any other color that you can think of. Since our prices are so low, you had better get ready to do some guilt-free shopping. But don't just take our word for it. Tons of magazines have touted Fantasy Jewelry Box as an amazing place to shop affordably. We have been featured in Oprah magazine, People StyleWatch magazine, Good Housekeeping magazine, Glamour magazine and so many other publications. Browse through our fantastic selection and find yourself falling in love over and over again.
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Snake Eye Ring $31.95
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